I have many of times collected enough punches from going to Burger King onpost in Hawaii to obtain a free burger or kids meal etc. As I was surfing through the AAFES Facebook page I came across a post where I learned that the AAFES punch cards are no longer available.

AAFES responded:

” Thank you for your feedback. Please know that you can still receive 10% off of your meals at our restaurants by using either your Military Star card or an Exchange gift card. Also, if you have any fully punched cards our Exchange restaurants will continue to accept them indefinitely.

As a reminder, in addition to the convenience of Exchange restaurants on the installation, you do not pay state/local sales tax on your Exchange restaurant purchases, and a portion of earnings generated by every Exchange restaurant on the installation goes directly back to help fund quality of life programs for our service members.

We value your business and hope you will continue to shop your Exchange restaurants.”

A few folks were not happy about this saying they felt it would cost AAFES business and it was encouraging people to create debt.  I can honestly say I haven’t used a punch card since I left Hawaii  but it does kind of annoy that only if you have a STAR card can you qualify for a ten percent discount on food. I mean really as petty as this sounds it’s almost convincing people to use credit to buy food. Don’t get me wrong I have done that a few times so no judgement here!

Will you miss the punch cards or not really? Do you think this is just a way to encourage folks to use their STAR card?

 Share your thoughts below in the comments section.



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3 Comments on AAFES (Reward) Punch Cards Are Gone…Is This a Tactic To Get People To Use Their Star Card?

  1. This won’t affect me at all. I’ve been at my installation for over 6 months and ate at one AAFES place one time. I regretted it while eating there. I rather pack a lunch when I head to post and sit on a park bench somewhere watching people and tasting real food.

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