I recently read this article which discussed how military retailers such as “The Exchange” and The Commissary” are seeking ways to lure military patrons back from competitors such as Walmart and Target.

Below I share my thoughts on why this is possibly happening…Don’t forget to share your thoughts below or on the Army Wife 101 Fan Page.


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5 Comments on How Can Military Retailers Lure You Back To Shopping With Them?

  1. I do about 30% of my shopping at the commissary, and the rest at a local store, because the commissary has next to no organics, and a very limited selection on everything else. They actually do carry organic milk at $3.80 for a half gallon ($7.60 for a gallon) – but I can go off post and get a whole gallon for $5.49 or less. The PX, I pretty much never shop at, because the brands they carry tend to be high-end. I’m not going to spend $80 on a purse. Or how about $240 on a purse!? Who shops like that?? I go to the PX if I am looking for something, and haven’t found it anywhere else, as a last resort of “well maybe the px has it.” At Wainwright the “tax-free” perk isn’t even a perk, because there is no sales tax in Fairbanks.

  2. Amen sister! I agree with this all the way. I love to cook. I like trying new things. I often need different kind of ingredients, spices, ect. and the commissary just doesn’t have that. They have a limited selection when it comes to food. The PX, we hardly ever go to. We only go when we are bored to, “walk around.” Most of the time they try to make the electronic section look awesome for the new incoming soldiers so that they will spend their money. Honestly, the PX doesn’t project it’s items towards families in my opinion. The price, as you stated, is atrocious!

  3. Our PX is basically some scant uniform items available, t-shirts and shot glasses. There is a limited selection of actual clothing, but it is about a 1.5 minute walk around the entire thing even if you walk through the attached shoppette. Our commissary I really like despite the fact that is’ super small. We do more of our shopping there now that my husband has realized he can get some things better quality there, or things he can’t get at Walmart at all, but we still go into town for Walmart or Albertson’s.

  4. At our last duty station we never shopped at the commisary or PX we always found it cheaper at other places. This new duty station we may have to since prices off post are just as expensive. If anyone who was stationed in hawaii knows of any good cheap places off post id love to know. Yesterday we had to go to the NEX because the PX on base had NO baby stuff they only had one pair of pajamas in my sons size no sippy cups and no strollers. I find the selections at the PX isn’t always that great unless you need electronics.

  5. I so agree with you. Walmart and other stores are having better prices than the commissary and the PX. The only reason I do some of the groceries at the commissary its because of my baby formula, which walmart happens not to carry. The PX…prices there are ridiculously high. Even with the “no sales tax” walmart still cheaper than them including the state taxes.

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