I love for my home to smell good and am the queen of candles, air fresheners and anything that adds scent to my humble abode.

I use a combination of various brands for scents in my home and I just so happen to have the Airwick Freshamatic in my home and was intrigued by this special moment Airwick captured for a soldier.

“The Fellers are a military family of eight residing outside an army base in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Kearen Feller is a father, husband, and devoted soldier who has been stationed in the Middle East for the past 11 months.

To celebrate the holiday season and the special role scent plays in making a house a home, Air Wick captured the unique scents of one family’s home, and delivered them to a loving father of 6, Kearen Feller, who is currently serving in the military in Qatar. Air Wick documented this special delivery in a heart-warming video, kicking off its Home is in the Air campaign.

 The video depicts the emotional power scent has, bringing, Kearen closer to home for the holidays, through a special scent collection that features the scent of a broken-in baseball glove that’s been in the family for generations; a cozy crackling fire the family enjoys during group sleepovers; and a fresh baked apple pie from a time-tested family recipe.

 The physical and emotional distance between The Feller Home and Kearen is relatable to anyone returning – or separated from – home this holiday season.  Kearen may not be by his family’s side, but says he can now smell these scents, close his eyes and feel the atmosphere of home”.

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