I received this question below from a reader whom we will call Mary. I consider my self to be a Google Diva in that I can find anything, but I make it known that I won’t talk to much on a topic I know little about. If any of my readers know more about ERD’s please feel free to add your experiences with it in the comments section below.

Q. I am stationed in Germany and we have some family issues back in the states. I am trying to research information about PCSing early for hardship reasons. I am not getting anywhere. Can you tell me what exactly it is called? So I can do some research. Thanks.

Hi Mary and thank you for writing Army Wife 101!

It sounds like what you are looking for is called Early Return of Dependents. While I am somewhat familiar with it , I do not know much about it and have not done an ERD myself.
Since you are willing to do some research here are a few links that will guide you on your journey to completing an ERD.

You can also look into a Compassionate Reassignment.


2. http://www.stripes.com/article.asp?section=140&article=51744

3.ERD Source

Best of Luck!

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2 Comments on Ask Army Wife 101: ERD (Early Return of Dependents)

  1. You are not requesting an ERD. An ERD is only for certain circumstances and it is only for the dependents move, not the Service member. You have two options; a compassionate reassignment if you meet the criteria or an approved tour curtailment if your command approves it and there is a position for you at the location you’re trying to get to.

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