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My son and his dad during my husband's arrival on a 14 day R&R from Iraq.
My son and his dad during my husband’s arrival on a 14 day R&R from Iraq.

The military life is one that is full of sacrifices. There are birthdays , anniversaries , holidays and graduations. Those aren’t the only things that military families endure. There is the stress of the constant deployment and tours of a loved one. It can be daunting on everyone especially military kids.

Many people say thank you to our troops and that means so much but for those who want to do more but are not sure where to start , there is so much you can do.

When it comes to going beyond thanks you can volunteer, lend a helping hand, cook a meal and so much more.

Check Out Chevrolet’s Salute To Those Who Have Served:

Here are some ways to go beyond thank you :


Volunteering with the military can go in so many directions. Many people volunteer for military organizations such as Operation Homefront, The Wounded Warrior Project, and The USO. There are also local organizations in your very own community that can found through local vets groups. You can also contact your local military installation to see if the family center can use a helping hand.



There are so many military organizations that run strictly off the donations of others. Alot of them take care of housing, travel or possible extra medical expenses for those severely injured while in combat.You can can google “Military Organizations” for a list that seek out donations. Research before you donate money. If you are have products or extra items laying around the house there are always organizations looking for care package items.

Helping Hand

If you’d like to get to know a military more personally reach out to them on military groups and clearly identify what you would like to do . Seek out local vets organizations who can help you reach local military families. Military spouses can always use someone to possibly cut the grass , shovel snow, or cook a meal during the holidays.


Military don’t expect the thanks but they certainly appreciate. The ideas listed above can be done not just during Military Appreciation Month but all year long.

Chevrolet loves saying thank you to our military and they are doing it with the #ChevySalutes program. Not only are they proud supporters of programs such as Hiring Our Heroes and Cellphones for Soldiers.

During Military Appreciation Month, now all Veterans along with Active Duty, Reserves and Retirees are eligible for the Chevrolet Military Discount. The best Military Purchase Program in the industry. Make sure to take advantage of the military discount savings that Chevrolet is offering for Military Appreciation Month.



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