Not so long ago certain items could be found in every milspouse’s kitchen. She’d have a radio for music while cooking, a land-line telephone to connect to the outside world, and a notepad for family messages.
Sound familiar? Remember this from your childhood? After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home.
Although technology has changed, those ideals haven’t. French company Invoxia has embraced the nostalgia and created a new way for today’s modern family to stay connected. Meet Triby, a gadget designed to serve as your family’s social hub in — you guessed it — the kitchen.
It’s like The Brady Bunch meets The Jetsons. Take a look.

 What Does Triby Do?
Triby is a centralized hands-free phone, music speaker and message board. The magnetic connected device affixes to your refrigerator and is simple enough for a child to use. With it, your family can enjoy:
  • Hands-free internet calls.
    • Use the free Triby app and link it to up to 5 of your family’s smartphones. The device provides one-touch calling, speakerphone, noise cancellation, and wide-band voice capability from 15 feet away. You and your children can hear mom or dad’s voice and have a shared conversation as a family.
  • Wireless music system.
    • Triby utilizes BlueTooth technology and preset buttons for internet radio and Spotify playlists. Its two 4-watt speakers provide clear sound with a bass amplifier. There will always be something great about music in the kitchen.
  • Connected digital message board.
    • Triby’s 2.9 inch screen features an e-paper display. You can send messages or doodles to your family, who are notified of the message by a little yellow flag that pops out. Once you or your children have seen the message, they simply push the flag back in. It’s like texting meets the post-it note.
Why Triby is a Match for Military Families
Between training, TDYs and deployments, our military families often spend time apart. Triby can help bring your family together in the following ways:
  • One touch call to mom or dad. If you don’t have a landline, if your child is young, doesn’t have a cellphone, or hasn’t memorized mom or dad’s number, the Triby provides pre-set buttons to call mom or dad. The good news is that it works on WiFi, as free internet calls. This feature couldn’t make things more simple for little ones to stay in touch.
  • Doodles. The ability to quickly send a message to your family such as “I miss you” or “I’ll be late from work” is a plus. Everyone can view the notification and even your littlest child can acknowledge the yellow flag and respond with an emoticon.
  • Hands-free is necessary. Sometimes when the phone rings, we are cooking, dealing with children, or just have our hands full. The quality speaker with its 15-foot range lets us continue to run the house and stay connected while our spouse is in the field.
Where Can You Find Triby?
Triby is available on Amazon. To learn more about Triby, please visit their website. Staying connected to your military family just got a whole lot easier.



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  1. This looks awesome! I might have to think about it. My 3 y/o is always stealing my phone and calling people. He would love being able to have easy access to his favorite people. The message idea is fun, too!

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