Image Credit: Army.Mil
Image Credit: Army.Mil

I know us spouses are always looking for different but useful items to put in the guys care packages. Personally I got sick of sending hubby just food , so I was always at the dollar store looking for silly stuff like foot warmers or hand warmers, anything that was different.

I wanted to share with you a useful little item I came across that also offers a military discount.

It’s called Bunion Bootie and it’s for anyone who runs often or who works frequently on their feet.

DUHHH! this is perfect for service members who meet that exact criteria.


Bunion Bootie was created by people who suffered from bunions and wanted a practical everyday non-surgical technique that could be worn comfortably for daily use.

I know personally my hubby suffered from this due to constant running , pressure on his feet and those damn uncomfortable boots which cause alot of friction.

Apparently my husband wasn’t the only service member  suffering from this problem because due to overwhelming orders from military personnel , Bunion Bootie is now offering a new military discount.

Via Bunion Bootie Press Release:

“Bunion Bootie is now proud to introduce their Military Discount Program. With a valid military ID, active members or veterans can now save an additional 10% on their entire order by submitting a valid copy of their Military ID in exchange for a promotional code that they are able to use for all future purchases. This 10% discount can be used in conjunction with our automatic discounts for purchasing more than 1 Bunion Bootie. Visit the Bunion Bootie Discounts Page for more details or contact their customer service department at CustomerService(at)BunionBootie(dot)com. Bunion Bootie looks forward to serving more that have so bravely served our country”.




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