I have mentioned several times over the last few weeks how much of a holiday junkie I am. I love the smells of the fall and of cinnamon and gingerbread candles and the smell of yummy hearty foods baking in the oven on Thanksgiving morning.

Butter Ball recently asked me to share a favorite Thanksgiving memory of mine:

Naturally any Thanksgiving my hubby is home is the best considering we have missed quite a few holidays together. Surprisingly though, one of my best Thanksgiving memories was when he was deployed. It was November of 2007  and two of my closest friends stationed at Hunter Army Airfield with me ,husbands were deployed too. We banned together and Sherrill my bestie and neighbor brought her Patti Labelle Somewhere Over the Rainbow Macaroni and Cheese and the turkey. I stayed up overnight preparing everything from rice and beans , ham, bacon garlic string beans to cakes and pies. My other friend Erin brought all the utensils , desserts and drinks.

Just some of the food we had and there was a ton more not seen here...

I had been alittle down because no one from my family could make it but that day in addition to Erin and Sherrill, I went from having two extra people to more like thirteen. My best friend since childhood showed up all the way from NC. Sherrill’s mom her sister and sister’s fiancee as well as Erin and her mom and family came over. That combined with all of our kids made for one of the best holiday memories simply because in a time that can be a sad and lonely place for a military spouse, we made the best of it by coming all together and sharing our thanks!


Butterball wants 2 of my lucky readers to have a Turkey on them this Thanksgiving!

Simply leave a comment below telling us your best Thanksgiving memory or kitchen blooper.

Make sure to leave a valid email with each comment.

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148 Comments on *CLOSED*Foodie Friday:Thanksgiving Memories & Free Butterball Turkey Giveaway!!!

  1. Oh yes I did! I left the bag of giblets and the turkey neck in the turkey and didn’t even realize it until it was served!

  2. I am a FB fan of Butterball and I left a message on their wall letting them know I found them though your blog.

  3. I think my best memory would be from when I was really little. My grandparents were over at my parents house and I was sitting on my grandfather’s knee eating applesauce (a traditional homemade side dish in our family). I just remember feeling so happy and safe. I was probably 3 or 4 at the time. I was so sad when they left.

  4. My best Thanksgiving memory is from 2004. The day after Thanksgiving my husband and I got married. Best day ever! Wedding was planned in a week and I wouldn’t change anything at all.

  5. I’ve made something similar to this recipe and will most likely be trying it again this year. Slow-Cooked Turkey Roast with Vegetables

  6. I’m a fan of your website,FB, and we live on the same island does that earn me an extra entry lol :D oh also just linked you on the butterball FB page :) I’m also missing seeing fall colors its just not the same being here in Novemeber and still seeing the trees green. love what ya do keep up the good work.

  7. My best Thanksgiving? I would have to say last year; we were all together enjoying great conversationand great food~preparing the meal seemed easier, too! Maybe after all these years I have finally found my big gathering “groove” =)
    Butterball is the best!!!!!!

  8. The best year I remember was the 7-11 Thanksgiving dinner. I realized on Thanksgiving Day that I didn’t have anywhere to go and decided I should just make a nice dinner myself. I went to the grocery store. Ooops the grocery store was closed! Next best thing? 7-11! I was able to get rice, corn bread mix and beans. I had cornish hens in my freezer, so I baked those with the rice, made corn bread and baked beans! It was great and a funny story that my dinner was made complete by shopping at 7-11!

  9. last thanksgiving was my first one being married,but pregnant also.so i cooked turkey,macaroni,stuffing,mashed potatoes,cornbread,corn,greensbeans and potatoes,and some other stuff that i cannot remember and cinnamon rolls.well my husband wanted to taste my thanksgiving cooking and bit into a cinnamon roll off of the tray from the oven.it was so hard,and i was so shocked and blamed it on the oven being cheap and the temperature not adjusting correctly to what you set it to.well what happened was i had just remembered that i had made the the oven preheated at 400 for the turkey because all of my sides were done from way earlier in the morning.did not think to turn it down to cool off,just put them in there and waited til they rose and took them out.he said it was ok,but i felt bad because i did not want him to think that i could not cook.so i never told the truth,i know that was bad.i am not a pro at organizing things in the kitchen,i am still used to cooking for one.lol.but we went out sunday to the commisary here at fort sam houston pricing stuff for thanksgiving dinner and he bought it up again.i just said “yeah i remember i am so madeat that cheap oven in our old apartment for burning our rolls,this year im not taking any chances with out new stove i will cook them on low”he agreed,and said “yes that cheap stove made me mad and messed up my rolls”.then we continue on shopping still with what happened last year on my mind and too embarassed to say that i get nervous and frustrated cooking for more than one on big holidays like that.cause that was not the first time it happened,i did it with my family too.everyone knows i can cook,but for bigger crowds it is hard,but it was hard bieng that this was just us and our first one.so the pressure was on hard for the best testing everything and i runined only the rolls out of everything,his favorite holiday snack!!Ahhh!!

  10. My favorite Thanksgiving memory was when I brought my husband (then boyfriend) home to meet my family. I knew that he would propose sometime in the next year. He had never met my father who is a very intimidating man, and was extremely nervous. I think my dad was nervous, too. My boyfriend inadvertently took my dad’s seat, not knowing it was his, when we arrived and my dad was out of the room. You could cut the tension with a knife. Then, my dad asked about my boyfriend’s work (he’s an actor), and my boyfriend told him about working with Robert Goulet and started doing Will Farrell impressions of Goulet and saying how accurate they are. My dad started cracking up. He loves both Goulet (and met him on several occasions) and Will Farrell. By the end of the evening my dad and my boyfriend were on very good terms. They have been ever since. We’ve been married for almost four years and have a baby.

    The downturn in the economy has hurt us (just like it has hurt everyone else). I doubt that I will be able to cook a turkey for my husband and son (it’s my husband’s favorite food) unless I win a free one. Fingers crossed!

  11. My favorite Thanksgiving memory was in 2007 in San Diego, CA. My in-laws decided to have dinner at their home, so we all decided to bring a dish. My husband’s five siblings showed up with their families, neighborhood friends stopped by and we all sat around the table to give thanks. Well, my sister-in-law sat down next to my mother-in-law and when I looked over at her I noticed her fixing my mother-in-law’s hair, you are not going to believe this, but as soon as she moved her hand her ring got caught and my mother-in-law’s wig flew off her head and landed in the cranberry sauce dish. My mother-in-law was so embarrassed she jumped up and ran into the bedroom and later came out with a new wig. Trust me this is a true story and I laugh every time I think about it.
    At this moment, I would like to sincerely thank Armywife 101 and Butterball for allowing me to share this most memorable story on one of the most depressing days of my life. Just when I was at my wits end, feeling horrible not having my husband or family around for the holidays, having to deal with my daughter constantly being bullied at school, and almost having a nervous breakdown, Armywife 101 popped up in my Yahoo account with this awesome contest and allowed me to place a smile on my face. I might not win, and that’s ok, at least I got my smile back.

    Again, thank you!

  12. My best Thanksgiving memory was when my son was a toddler, and I had cooked my first turkey dinner. It was so nice, food was great, company was awesome, but the fire that started in the stove wasn’t fun. Sure taught me a lesson in grease fires.

  13. I missmy husband terribly when hes gone and when hes home hes all mine and I dont share hime with anybody. At least for a while. Hes my baby and I’ve had the pleasure to have my husband on the holidays at least most of the time and I’m a very lucky women to have such a wonderful husband.

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