I was a tad skeptical but decided to try it out. It’s 4 movies for $1 and then you have to purchase 5 more within 2 years. That wasn’t so bad. So far, it’s been good. I skipped the 1st feature title (you always have an option), chose to purchase the next 2. We don’t have a Blu-ray player, but each disk came with Blu-ray, DVD & Digital copy. By the way, have you used the Digital copy part? Its pretty cool if you are traveling!

If you want to try Disney Movie Club out, just click the photo below. (I included it so you could see what it says)

Remember to register each movie when you get them! The replacement cost is much less if you do, plus you earn rewards points for free stuff!


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  1. My family has used it. We had no problems and thought it was a pretty good deal. We got 5 movies for the initial next to nothing price (something like $5) and then had to buy 4 over the next two years at full price. The full price rates are not ridiculously expensive at all. The monthly movie they offer to send has yet to be one we are interested in but they make it easy to decline. I get a paper offer in the mail AND an email so there is no forgetting and then being stuck with some movie you don’t care for.

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