Again I was doing some surfing and came across a company called “Homecoming Trunk Shows”. It appears to follow the same approach as other work from home businesses ie; Scentsy, Avon etc , except trendy fashions are the items being sold.

The company was started by a Navy wife who chose the name because she says that “homecomings are the single most important day in a military wife’s life”.  This company also gives military wives a way to bring their career wherever they go.

I’m all for women making their own way and own careers so I am definitely not going to judge…too much!

The first thing I noticed is that the clothes are really cute and so are the accessories. Lower priced pieces such as camisoles , tanks and accessories  start at $20 while higher priced items are $40 and up. The clothes are pieces that everyday moms can wear and feel put together.

While I am an avid believer of quality pieces of clothing , I do wonder how well  a military spouse would fare selling clothing on base that many might consider to be alittle high priced?

I won’t harp on the fact that I didn’t see one plus sized piece of clothing since they are a newer company and maybe those items are coming soon ,but with the many different shapes and sizes in the military world it would be nice to see something that would cater to everyone. In my opinion a sales rep is loosing out on a huge clientele on a military base where let’s be honest there are alot of bigger women.

Before you go O-M-G I can’t believe she said that, please remember that I am plus sized and just shared my weight and all my jiggle yesterday with everyone who reads Army Wife 101.

In any event I won’t stop someone’s pockets from flowing so if you’re interested in signing up they have a special from now until 01/31/12 where you can sign up for $199 (instead of the normal price of $299) and get $300 in free product plus more items at 50% off.

Visit for more information.



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

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  1. I just came across this blog post while looking for pictures of some of our older items online. I am a consultant for Homecoming Trunk Shows and have been for almost a year now. While I agree that there is still not enough plus sized clothing in our catalog, I do see that we are making some progress. We have recently had dresses released that go all the way up to extra large, which is in an improvement from the dresses only going up to size large. We also have some great items that anyone can wear, such as ponchos and scarves. Our jewelry selection has also dramatically increased and we have some pieces that are even more affordable than they were when you looked at our items the first time around. I would please ask you take another look at all the items we have now and see if your opinion changes at all. If you would like to take a look at our items, you can do so on the main website you listed above or you can check my direct website, which is

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