I was doing my morning web surfing this morning and came across some news that in the mid month pay for January we should see a 1.6% increase in pay.

Hmm let’s see what we can buy with that :

* a tank of gas

* 2 coffees with out the extras from Starbucks or in my case Cuppy’s Coffee…love them!

* a whole 12 pack of 2 ply tissue

* brand name Poptarts instead of the commissary brand LOL!

No in all seriousness  I am not an ungrateful winch. Quite frankly in this economy so many folks are losing their jobs we are lucky that we aren’t getting the boot (well some of us anyway) . A pay increase is well received by me and in addition many received an increase in BAH this year as well.

I’m a big fan of “every little bit helps”!

Read pay increase details here.

What do you think of the pay increase?



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7 Comments on Hmmm A Nice “Little” Pay Raise for The Military?

  1. I’ll take it, I will take anything I can right now after leaving Hawaii and landing at Fort bragg I will miss that almost 900 a month COLA! LMAO ( not to sound greedy either but man that extra money was nice.)With out it I might actually have to find some type of job I can do with out my Dr. knowing.. maybe a little over night or weekend baby sitting or something..LOL

  2. While I hate to complain and am VERY thankful for my husbands job and any kind of raise. It does suck that they are still getting the lowest raises the military has gotten since Vietnam! They are taking away the benefits of joining the military and now they are getting smaller raises than they used to, just seems every time we turn around something else is being taken away.

  3. I too am VERY grateful that we have an income and the extra $40 a month however what frustrates me is that Congress etc received a substantial raise once again this year and they dont put their lives on the line or sacrafice as our spouses do. They can’t even agree on a budget for crying out loud. I think it’s incredibly ungrateful they way they treat our service members and I can’t help but wonder what would they do without the men and women that do this job for the little pay they receive?

  4. For me it’s frustrating. Our Soldiers ‘raises’ are not even keeping up with the cost of living. COLA for us is only going up 46.00 or something like that (we are at the 2009 rate now) and this just doesn’t cover our bill increases. We have one credit card that only has a balance because we took a big trip in November, one real car payment and a mortgage back ‘home’. Our BAH here covers our rent and ONE of the utility bills. (Part of that is the rental companies fault for mis-representing what the monthly bill rate would be here).

    I look at what our law makers make – for the little they do (with all their days off!!!!) and it’s frustrating to see how little they want to pay our Military.

    And they wonder why a lot of Soldiers ASK to deploy.

  5. Not all BAH went up. Ours went down by $200 :( I know it’s just rumor, but Rumor has it that we’re locked in at the rate we came at, but new comers will have to use Cola to subsidize their housing b/c post housing isn’t lowering fees.–Schofield Barracks

  6. i’m just grateful that my husband has a job. theres o many out there that dont. we might not be able to go out to dinner or the movies, ect… too often but, we have a great (warm)home, food and clothes for our four children. and we have health insure that i take my kids to the doctors at anytime without paying anything. who doesnt want more money?! i do too! but you know what? i also know how to count my blessings and be grateful.

  7. i have not put it in my budget i will tell you that……lucky our BAH stayed the same…….i did just get laid off from my job tomarrow is my last day so I figured that if we can live on his with out a raise we are pretty lucky….so that 1.6% is going right into a savings or straight to the cc bill…..

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