April is the Month of the Military Child. However, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to showering our littlest heroes with joy for only one month. Our military kids have been through a lot in their short lives. Adding a global pandemic, online school, and a total lack of normalcy to the already stressful military lifestyle, and you have even more reason to celebrate these children. So, how in today’s world can we do just that?

Get Outside

At this point, we are all tired of indoor activities and screen time. Even our kids are bored watching television and playing on tablets. Getting outside is a welcome, healthy, and safe distraction for all. The air is refreshing in the spring after hibernating for the winter. Celebrate your military children by taking them to a local park for the day, the zoo, an outdoor area attraction, fishing at a nearby river or lake, the beach, or riding bikes or scooters in the neighborhood. If your kids are anything like mine, they love to be outside, but they love it even more when sharing outdoor time with you.

The dandelion symbolizes the Month of the Military Child, and we all know April showers bring May flowers. What a fantastic time to plant some seeds and watch them bloom where they are planted, just like our military children. The kids will love the activity, and there is significant meaning behind it. You can use the opportunity as a great conversation starter to discuss the military lifestyle and the emotions it triggers for our children.

Attend a Special Event

Now that the world is starting to “normalize” in some places, there are more opportunities to attend events. From sporting events to museums to special performances, a quick online search near you will return many options for old-fashioned family fun. Many also offer military discounts like Disney on Ice, Paw Patrol, and Peppa Pig Live. Imagine the fond memories you can create for your military child by providing the opportunity to see their favorite television shows and movies come to life in front of them in real-time?

Give Them the Gift of Your Time

You don’t have to spend any money, or come up with a unique idea, to honor your military child with the love and support they need. Look no further than inside yourself to give them the best gift of all, your time. All children, especially our military children, are longing for attention and quality time spent with loved ones. The Month of the Military Child provides a perfect time to do so. It can be as simple as playing board games, hosting an outdoor picnic, or tossing the ball with each other. Dedicate some time to your most dedicated heroes.

Now more than ever, our littlest soldiers need our strength, guidance, support, and love. They live a hard life, and the world has made this life even more complex over the past year. Talk to your kids, listen to their words, and love them hard. This type of celebration will mean more to them than any material item or gift. Maybe, just maybe, they will shower you with the same in return. To all of our military children, thank you for serving alongside your parents.



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Sarah Ortiz Benson is a seasoned military spouse and freelance writer with a background in sales, marketing, and nursing. Her passion is writing about current events and issues affecting military spouses and their families.

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