I was invited to speak on Ed’s show about the “No Pay for Troops” issue…for those that missed it the video is below: I come on around 2 minutes :)



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19 Comments on Krystel (ArmyWife101) on MSNBC W/ Ed Schultz

  1. Krystel, How can you go on national TV (Ed Show) and either lie to the American people or covey false information that you have no idea what you are talking about. If the government shuts down the only reason the military would not be paid is because of President Obama and not the shutdowmn. Troop payment is discretionary spending and the President can authorize the military to be paid. Both Clinton and Reagan did this when the government was shut down. Please do your research and know what you are talikng about. Thank you.

    • Richard have you done research on this. Obama promises to VETO all bills that will ensure the military get paid!

      • Hi Military Wife!

        I follow your page on FB and was wondering if the Soldiers will still be at work? My husband is stationed in Germany and we have the Command Sponsorship paperwork still in process for me to transfer over there. I also have a TPU packet to transfer me to Grafenwoer as a Reservist pending. I just want to know if the Soldiers aren’t getting paid, but will receive back pay once the shutdown is lifted, do you think the Soldiers will be working?

        • Also, our Soldiers didn’t do anything to cause the shutdown and were just simply doing their duties. I am upset and distraught by this and any additional information you have will help! Thank you

  2. Richard first of all I did not go on tv to engage in a political debate. I went on there to talk about the impact of what this could do to military families should it happen.

    How about you get your facts straight!

    Have a Lovely Day!

  3. The bill is another issue. Yes he said he would veto the bill that was passed by the house and stalmated by Reid in the Senate. The bill had an amendment which would fund the military through the end of the fiscal year. This is a totally different situation. He can authorize the troop pay if the shutdown becomes reality. Both Clinton and Reagan did it during the government shutdowns during their terms in office.

    • Richard,

      The military is not exempt this time as they have been in the past. If you had any affiliation with military, you would know that. The military is being deemed “unessential personnel” by the gov’t. Would you work for free? I BET NOT. Can you give your landlord an IOU? I sure as hell can’t! Pull your head out.

      If you would like, I can give you several links to articles stating that military will not be paid in the case of a shutdown.

  4. This morning on Ed’s show, I listen to your frustration on money and who may be at fault for a government shut down. There is no doubt that the blame lay on the republican party in general. People need to wake up and smell the coffee. We need as a people to stop blaming our selves for our survival. We need to exersize our right to vote, not just in the national election, but all known votes in your states. I was a little disapointed by the fact you think the democrates will be part blame for a government shut down, even when President Obama mentioned on national t.v. that democrates do not want a shut down. I say “Wow” man. Whats up whit that! Thats all I had to say. Think about it. I believe everythings going to be alright. Stay in prayer and I will be praying for your family.

  5. First, God bless you. As a mother of a military wife I have been on phone with very upset daughter. She just received next weeks LES, and they are being paid 50%. According to their officers, it is a done deal. Is this happening with all military pay next week or just ft. lewis?
    They were told it couldn’t be fixed until next month regardless of what happens today or this weekend. Nothing on news about it, hoping you might have the inside track.

  6. I am just wondering why people like Mr. Richard there think that they have any right to come in and say things that they themselves quite obviously know nothing about. We as military wives are here for our families and support our husbands. Our main jobs are to hold down the home when our husbands are gone. How on earth do they expect us to do that when we aren’t going to get a paycheck. At this point we haven’t reach the date that we get paid to know exactly what will happen, but we must all pray (if we chose to do so) and do the research to support our families.

    Richard- That research doesn’t include educating ourselves on all political issues!!!!! Like it has been stated this isn’t a political debate here. What it is is wives of military personal coming together to support each other educate each other and help each other in any way we can. So why don’t you go find a political forum and find someone there to argue your political views with.

    All military wives I wish you all luck and keep you in my prayers. The military is the back bone of this country and we as the wives, husbands, and children of those military members we are the heart that keeps their blood flowing and body going. We are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for and we will make it through this difficult time.

    Much love in Christ-

  7. I am curious to hear what “Richard” has to say now . Especially since so many families will only be recieving half of their pay. As an Army wife and mother of three I appreciate Krystels’s honesty and her full opinion. Thank you again for being such a great resource to our military families.

  8. I saw you on the Ed show. Great job! My husband was in the Coast Guard for 20 years and I can tell you I wish this website was around then. I wanted to comment on the government shutdown. It is a few days after but I saw the comments. President Obama and the Democrats offered 2 bills to fund the troops if the government shut down. I realize most people don’t know it because it was not reported by any major media outlet. The bills were voted down because they did not include the policy riders regarding the defunding of the EPA and Planned Parenthood. The Republican bill that would have funded the troops was promised to be vetoed by President Obama because it contained provisions that would have defunded PP and the EPA. Now if it were so important by everyone to pay the troops in the event of a government shutdown, it should not have been an issue to leave out the policy riders. Either way, I wanted to make sure that the troops had this information. The President would have funded you. Please don’t forget that. If you don’t believe me, most newspapers contain a section that lists how the local congressmen in your district voted on particular bills during the past week. It was in my local paper. This is how I know.

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