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Many of you who follow the Army Wife 101 FB page see that I post updates about my Medifast journey and my progress. As you may know I first leaped into my Medifast journey last Summer losing 20+ pounds which is the fastest any weight loss program has worked for me…ever!

I took a bit of an involuntary hiatus but didn’t completely stop the program , I just wasn’t as committed as in the beginning. On May 26th  I became fully committed again .

If you’re curious to what Medifast is you can check out this post I did last summer.

I am so excited because in less than 3 weeks I have shed 13 pounds.  as you can see above the weight loss is extremely evident in my face. I notice it in my body because I have test clothes. These are items of clothing that I keep solely to see if I have dropped pounds and that has definitely happened.

For me the Medifast lifestyle works well because  I have over 70 items to choose from and I don’t have to count calories. After the first week my hunger cravings have went away and I have drank more water than ever. In fact I haven’t touched anything except water since May 26th. I did have a drink one night but I didn’t drink all of it.

The biggest help so far for me is really taking the time to learn how to work with the actual foods. You have people who will just throw water in one of their soups and then complain it doesn’t taste right. Like anything else there are tips to prep the Medifast food so that it comes out good. One of the things I do is soak any of the soups or chili’s I am going to eat in the morning so that by lunch they cook down much better in the microwave. When it comes to the brownie mix and the new mashed potatoes (great for us carb addicts) I have mastered the art of making everything in pancakes.


Doing some of the tips above has made this lifestyle change more bearable for me . In the meantime keep checking back here for my progress and more tips on some of the meals I am making.

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