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I know you guys are probably wondering so is Krystel still on Medifast? The answer is yes and no. As confusing as that sounds I really have tried hard to stick to it because by far it’s the easiest plan I have been on and God honest the only one I have lost weight on. However, in came the holidays and with that meant family who cooks lots of food and bakes good cakes. I cheated here and there (eating a Medifast breakfast and lunch but then eating a non Medifast snack)and while I have gained back only about 3 pounds, I can tell I have put the inches back on.


Still and though I am still down 25+ pounds and I feel way better than before ,but I have a long way to go. So how am I going to stick to the plan? Well to be truthful once you’re on the plan you are good to go as long as you don’t get caught up in the food hype. Medifast is good in that there is enough to crave your savory and sweet. For instance I am a huge fan of their BBQ Bites when I want something crunchy and yum like. When it comes time for dessert there are no problems because I have an assortment of ice creams and little cakes to choose from. Hands down my favorite Medifast sweet is their brownies. Their cookie softbake is great too and sometimes I don’t even microwave it. I just mix it and then sit it in the freezer for a few. It’s totally a nice little serving of cookie dough!

I have some new recipes that I have found on Instagram using the #Medifast hashtag that I can’t wait to try this week and I have a body hugging red dress that I would like to get into before my 32nd birthday in February so let’s see how far I get.





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3 Comments on Medifast Update: I Fell Off For A Bit But…

  1. You are doing awesome!!!! I love reading your adventures as you make this journey. I am almost to my goal weight – wanted to turn 36 at a healthy weight for my kids, my husband and me!! I am on this journey with my mother-in-law and its been a blast to have a partner-in-crime. Two books that I really recommend to go along with Medifast: Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting by Benthenny Frankel and Trim, Healthy Mama by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. As I have been freeing myself from the addiction of sugar (carbs) I have realized that there are reasons why we go to food. I am discovering those reasons for myself and am seeing that I need to go to the Lord in his word and in prayer, to fill my soul when I am anxious and stressed. Only He fills my longings, the reasons for those food cravings. All the other things just leave me empty.

    Keep up the hard work – it pays off!!

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