My “Military Travel Discount Series” is one of my favorite things to do here on Army Wife 101. We (my family and I)  had been to our share of hotels and theme parks but the one thing we hadn’t done was camping. I had been hearing about JellyStone Parks for quite sometime and was excited when I seen that there was one about an hour or so from Fort Bragg, North Carolina in Tabor City.

I might be showing my age here but yes you are correct if you associated Jellystone Parks with Yogi Bear and Booboo. Jellystone Parks are a franchise of campgrounds nationwide. No matter what type of camping you prefer Jellystone can offer that experience from tents, to cabins to yurts to RV Parks.

My family and I were lucky enough to be invited by the good folks at “Daddy Joe’s Jellystone Park” in Tabor City to spend a couple of days hanging out , camping and enjoying the amenities for folks of all ages.



When I shared pictures on Instagram and Facebook of our accommodations people were shocked that you could camp in comfort. That is the best part of staying at Daddy Joes Jellystone. There are accommodations for every kind of camper.  For beginners like me we have full wood cabins that sleep up to 8 people, turks which give you the tent experience and full amenity parking for those with RV’s. Our cabin was super comfortable, air conditioned, with no cracks or mosquitoes. Additionally we were able to cook indoors and had wifi and cable TV. Don’t worry though if you want to be one with nature you can do that too. The cabins were extremely clean and smelled very new. Even though cabins had private bathrooms, I did stop and peek into the outdoor “comfort stations” and they were extremely clean. The premises in general were extremely clean hence why Daddy Joe’s JP won Camp Resort of the Year out of all 70 Jellystone Parks in the country in 2008 and received the highest inspection award . Every review I read talked about the cleanliness of Daddy Joe’s Jellystone Park and I completely agree! There is also a laundromat on the premises as well.


Pricing is affordable at Daddy Joe’s Jellystone Park especially since they offer a military discount.

  • 137 RV sites: $33-72/night
  • Yurts: $64-109/night
  • Deluxe cabins $105-200/Night
  • Bunkhouses: $150-220/night
  • Tent sites: $25-$35/Night


cabin6 cabin7 cabin8


There is tons for kids to do. One of the best things is actually the golf carts. When you arrive at Daddy Joe’s Jellystone you are assigned a golf cart to get around the camp grounds. We spent the majority of our time driving around in them . We took rides near the ponds, golf course and through the RV park. Additionally there is miniature golf, fishing, a water park , a pool, a trampoline and scheduled activities daily. Kids also can play in the arcade and ride around on their bikes. I have to admit it was great to see kids being kids and enjoying the outdoors minus electronics. Speaking of kids i like that everyone is assigned wrist bands so you know who belongs in the park and who doesn’t for safety reasons. t am sure there are plenty of activities we missed because we were to busy riding around on the golf carts but believe me when I tell you that kids and adult will have a great time. One of the things that stood out is other then buying food from their grill all activities are inclusive, even the golf cart comes with your room rate.



IMG_0320 IMG_0348

The environment is so clean at Daddy Joe’s and in addition to that the people and all around feeling of those who work there is great. Everyone seems truly happy to be there and very helpful. It is very much family oriented not only in guests but by the Daddy Joe’s team. Don’t be surprised if you see the owner riding around on a golf cart waving and helping set up for the day’s activities.


Every camping area and cabin has plenty of space to grill and make smores. If your not up to cooking you can always stop in to their grill and cafe and grab a really yummy pizza , a burger or breakfast. I had some awesome pancakes and cheesy grits cooked by a really nice man named Chuck who happens to be a Veteran. My family and I did a bit of both. When we were ready for a sweet treat we headed over to Daddy Joe’s Creamery where they make all their ice cream from scratch. OMGGGGGGG! I had the “blueberry cheesecake” and it was to die for . The 2nd day I got the Brownie Sundae. It is super inexpensive and they give you such a good portion.






djfood3 djfood2

Honestly there is so much to do here that I am sure I missed a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed just sitting in our own yard watching people enjoy the company of their families. Everyone was so friendly and expect to wave a lot . You can learn about all the activities and amenities here .

Military Discount:

Many Jellystone Parks offer military discounts and Daddy Joe’s Jellystone Park in Tabor City, North Carolina is one of them. Military families glad qualify for 10% off of their rates and I also learned that not only military families as a whole visit but many military spouses from the surrounding areas love visiting here even when their loved one is away because they love the family atmosphere and feel safe.

To learn more about Daddy Joe’s Jellystone Park visit . For those of you who aren’t local you too can visit a Jellystone Park and find one near you by visiting .



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

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