Disclaimer: I am a military spouse blogger and I blog about all things military. I do not blog to offend , only to share my opinion . If you don’t understand my sense of humor or why I discuss the things I do then check out this video!

As we know Veteran’s Day is tomorrow and lots of freebies are up for grabs for our troops. The hot topic in the military spouse virtual community today is “Wives Who Believe they Are Entitled to Vet’s Day Freebies”.

Yes I am aware I said “aint” and “dude” when I get annoyed my brain resorts to improper grammar and the Long Islander in me is unleashed lol!

Here are my thoughts on it :




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10 Comments on Military Wives Who Keep Asking About Veteran’s Day Freebies and Discounts…My Opinion!

  1. uhh ohh.. did my comment about the SAM’S club membership maybe spark this?? If so, I am sorry. I didn’t mean for my comment to come across like that… my husband and I use the SAM’S club membership equally.

  2. I was one of the people who SIMPLY asked if there were discounts for military spouses and I was met with rude people. I am however not one that feels entitled to anything. Actually my husband doesn’t even take advantage of (Part of that is that he deployed every other year) of the discounts because you’re right..its pure craziness at most of the places and to us not worth the free meal for him. I can sort of see someone telling a military spouse that is nasty and acts entitled to shove off but I was met with extreme rudeness which doesn’t get anyone anywhere. The few people attacking me is another reason I don’t associate with most military spouses…they (the rude ones) think it’s cute to be a bitch.

  3. i agree with what you say totally i wish the women who behave this way would realize the awful reputation you are given other military wives who dont behave this way who do the right thing we arent the ones who say we are in the military we equally deserve everything the wives do deserve all the credit in the world for what they do in taking care of there kids their homes and everything else they need to while their spouse is deployed but the special give away to military no u werent there having to watch if u where lucky enough your family on skype go about there normal life so to all the veterans go enjoy what u deserve for all youve done to all the complaining wives please think before u act do you realize the awful reputition military wives have that we certainly dont deserve

  4. i agree why should wives and other get veterans day free stuff or discounts when its about those who served they should get it not others what because your married you deserve it as well come on be real my father served n past on but i don’t go asking for stuff my husband serves if he ask and gets fine if not that’s fine too but im not going to ask why because its veterans day yea ok that’s not going to happen.

  5. I agreee with Krystal. It’s too many wives out there wearing their husband’s rank. In my experience they get more crazy the higher the rank. Less considerate, more selfish, and especially rude. As for Veteran Day freebies, it’s usually ridiculously packed around base anyways. It’s more trouble most times than its worth.

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