Recently I found out about a new site called Military Discount Hub that will enable military to access a variety of military discounts via a $9.95 monthly membership.

Now as a site owner and knowing how much time personally goes into maintaining a site I can understand having a fee of some sorts because honestly people this stuff is alot of work.

At the same time I am saying to myself” Self this site knows the majority of us are trying to eliminate bills yet and still they want us to pay not a ONE time $9.95 fee but a MONTHLY fee to access discounts”?

In all fairness I will say that is offering a free 30 day trial to the military and their family. You do have to enter your credit card info but you will not be charged. I normally would test out the waters but I am infamous for forgetting to cancel subscriptions so I will pass.

How do you feel about paying monthly to access a site for military discounts?

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7 Comments on New Military Discount Site…But You Have To Pay To Access it…Hmm?

  1. If I really wanted a discount for a specific place I would ask the place. I feel like when I get a “discount” or a coupon it encourages me to purchase things I either do not need or would not have gone out of my way to buy.

  2. Why am I going to pay for something to get a discount on something else? That means I have to Save an additional $120 just to cover a yearly fee.
    I wish the site owner luck, but have a feeling the site won’t last, unless he/she drops the fee!!

  3. Not much of a deal to me. All they are doing is posting what is on the web for everyone to buy and I don’t give my credit card number to someone I don’t know. I vote stay away.

  4. I’ll pass. I wonder how the companies would react if they knew someone was profitting from telling people about a discount they offer?

  5. Our site does this service…for FREE…as it should be! We give even more options too like ability to post events in your community, rate and reviews businesses in your community who are military friendly, chat, make friends, and more all for free!
    I agree, we should not be paying for such a service! Our site was founded by a retired military family and ran by them as well!
    I hope Army Wife 101 would like to let our family know about with a story about a FREE site for our families? ;-) Love your site!

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