The emails keep a coming and like I have stated I don’t now if we will get paid. I hope we will and I am leaning towards the idea that we will but since I haven’t spoken on it , I felt it was time to share my opinion.

These two articles released in the Army Times today also sparked this video:

Disclaimer: Some  may not like my opinion and that is ok, but let’s keep it civil!


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74 Comments on No Pay…No Way 2011!

  1. I loved this video! I just want to say Thank You! I have been avoiding reading anything to do with this topic because of all the attacking each other that seems to happen every time its talked about. We are very new to the military life, 7 months now and are trying to save any and all extra money to join my husband in Korea( it’s our first duty station.) I have will the money to join him soon BUT we are too scared to make the move with all this no pay BS happening. What is the point of moving there if he wont get paid and can’t keep up with the bills once we are there. Congress will be keeping a family and as a thank you, we will get no pay. Plus I found out if the government does shut down, we wont get our taxes back either, which is what we were counting on for the move.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! For this video! (No Pay..No Way 2011) I am so tired of being made to feel like crap because I am worried about the welfare of my family. My husband is an E4; but with two kids, rent (we live off post) food, bills, ect this is going to hit us hard. People say it is just one paycheck, well that ONE paycheck will set us back months! I hope something is done. For the people who have hope, well I wish they would send some my way!

    • I completely agree Lauren! My husband is E4, we have three kids under the age of five and another on the way. We have saved up around $3000 (mostly for the baby and for our PCS to Germany in 3 months) and if we do not get paid (even ONE paycheck) it will eat our savings alive. I can’t even begin to imagine how other people feel who do not have any savings. If this had happened last year, we would not have savings to fall back on! Our bills +gas+food is almost my husband’s entire paycheck. What I would suggest is to start working out arrangements with your bills. I have contacted our car lien holder and they are willing to work with us on our bill without late charges because of this situation! Most creditors would be willing to help out because this is an out of the ordinary situation. If you are consistent with paying your bills, I am sure you can work something out!

      • Learn not to live pay check to pay check. And since u are an “Army Wife” shouldn’t u stay at home and play WoW and stop having sex so much sex? I mean after the first 2 i would have closed that thing up. Just saying. Look at what got u there.

        • “Learn not to live pay check to pay check. And since u are an “Army Wife” shouldn’t u stay at home and play WoW and stop having sex so much sex? I mean after the first 2 i would have closed that thing up. Just saying. Look at what got u there.”

          Please tell me you are not really that ignorant? That was pretty rude and uncalled for.

          • Wow “LOL” person! You are really rude and frankly I don’t even understand why you are on this site! You don’t even know if this Jennifer girl works or not and you are still passing judgement on her! All she was saying is that this would put a strain on their family! Even in families with two working spouses if one is out of a check it will change things, even if it is for just a short period of time! And who are you to judge how many children she has? I’m sorry, but just because you disagree with her choice to have that many children doesn’t mean you should be passing judgement on her! And it’s not like she said she has O to fall back on, she said she had 3000 dollars in her savings account, I mean sure thats not a million bucks, but I certainly wouldn’t call that living paycheck to paycheck!

        • HOW ignorant! Stop having sex? Are you serious? And what does WoW have to do with any of this? What a selfish thing to say! “..closed that thing up.” NEWS FLASH! there are people out there that actually love and respect their husbands and love to make each other happy. Sex is a beautiful thing.When obviously not used as a weapon or bribe. Having children is a blessing! Get off this page!
          Bless your heart Jennifer. And Bless your husband for defending our freedoms.

        • Lol@Jennifer-
          Have you ever lived as a military spouse? I doubt it, because if you have then you would be alittle more understanding. You are worthless human, who gives humanity a bad name. Grow up get a life, and stop trying to tell people how to live. The only thing left I have to say to you is KARMA… and it will catch up with you in the end.

        • who the hell do you think you are to judge someone that way?? are you in the military do you have children that you will not be able to feed because your fucking job isnt going to pay you money that you are working your ass off for? what the fuck do you know about living paycheck to paycheck? you are a sorry excuse for a human being seriously!! and to tell her to close that thing up? how about you close your fucking mouth, better yet close your mouth and forget to breathe you stupid cunt!!

        • Who do you think you are? Most people, even who arent in the military, are currently living pay check to pay check, if theyre even lucky enough to have any paycheck at all. We have a savings and if we dont receive a paycheck, that will wipe our savings clean with paying bills and then what are we supposed to do? My husband is going to look for another job today in case this last long enough that well see that happen. And btw, I dont sit at home and play wow all day and have “so much sex”. I am a mother and I take care of my daughter and husband and our home and I am a student you ignorant jerk!

  3. I’ve been warning my deployed spouse about this comming and he’s been telling me not to sweat it because they havent heard anything about it in Afghanistan. I have been sweating it because we have bills to pay, rent to pay, grocieries to buy, gas to buy. Congress PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR REARS AND DO THE JOB WE PAY YOU SO WELL TO DO! IF YOU CANT HANDLE IT, HAND YOUR PAYCHECK TO THOSE WHO ARE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOMS TO LOBBY FOR CRAP THOSE OF US IN THE US DO NOT NEED.

  4. Regardless we (my husband) gets paid on time or not…I think we all are in a better situation than most Americans. What do you say do a person who has working for a company for 20 years and then gets fired (downsizing), and still doesn’t have a job after 2 years?? It’s little bit stressing…if they don’t get paid, but your right we should not stress over things we have no control of.

    I did agree, however, that this administration does need to get off their bums and fix our budget and quickly.

    • I think most of my stress comes from the fact that I am a stay-at-home mom of three kids and pregnant with our fourth. If my husband does not get a paycheck, it is not like those other people where he can actually go out and look for a job…he still has to report to work! I cannot work because of my kids and a high-risk pregnancy and college classes, so I am terrified of this going on for more than a month…Just think, this budget was supposed to be done 6 months ago…a shut down could surely go on for that long or more!

      • I agree with you Jessia! My father worked at a place for 25 years and it closed and left him without a job! No matter what, we know that we will get paid eventually and it is something we can get through! We are in a better spot than a lot of people! And I won’t start worrying until Friday at midnight because we don’t even know if this will happen! I will wait until it’s set in stone before I get outraged :)

      • Look, I understand where you are coming from. We have four boys (13 to 2 years old), we homeschool our children, living overseas in Germany–pending commissary closure(I’ll have to shop for my food off-post —have you seen the exchange rate lately?), & my husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan. There is a certain amount of responsibility though to oneself. Again, Army Wife 101, didn’t like that point of view, but if the government shuts down…it’s still about how much we have in our bank accounts. —Thank the Lord above we have means to sustain our family for awhile….and it’s very disheartening to hear about other’s military family situations. No ONE is trying to “UP ONE.” –whatever that means….

  5. THANK YOU!!!! I see so much bashing. I dont get how this situation is seen by some as an oppertunity to One up others!

  6. I personally am not too worried about it. I am an avid coupon shopper and my house is always well stocked with about 4 months of supplies incase of tsunami,hurricane or any other misfortunate incodent i was not expecting( kinda like this one) we have enough in our savings to live a few months and even then i can cut out some extra things that are a luxury if i must. seeing this economy like this has put me in the mode already of always being prepared for anything. it does not suprise me this is happening and i have a feeling it will get worse..ALOTTTTTTT worse before it gets better. I say though if congress can’t come to an agreement and do their jobs like they are suposed to in a time frame like they have had STOP THEIR PAY! the military is doing it’s job and going above and beyond what 99% of congress ever would!!

  7. Thank you for being honest about the fact that our husbands do what they do and expect to be paid for it! I’m prior Marine Corps myself and I tell you what, I absolutely did it for the pride and to become one of the few and the proud – but I don’t think I’d have signed up if it didn’t come with a paycheck. Our servicemen and women do NOT deserve to be in a war zone without a paycheck. They do NOT need to worry about having no money for groceries. And how about the fact that gas is almost $4 a gallon??? I’m a real estate agent for pete’s sake – I make a living driving people around! And I do NOT make a dime unless something actually sells, so that gas money comes out of pocket. Thanks to my husband’s pay I can afford to do that, but if it goes away we have enough to last about a month and then we’re screwed. And it wasn’t so very long ago that we didn’t even have that. I agree – no one needs to be going on about a finance class when SO MANY live from paycheck to paycheck. If it’s just one pay period I know that we will be ok, but I know of a LOT more who won’t be. I’m with you 100% on this one.

  8. Totally agree. It’s just crazy that they’ve let it come to this and don’t seem to see all of the REAL people that it can hurt. The only reason we’ll be okay for a little while is because someone totaled our car and we have insurance money in the bank. The worse part is being overseas. I’m in Germany with a deployed spouse who should return in the next week or 2.. and they’re threatening to shutdown our commissaries. We’d have to shop off post on the German economy and pay Euro if it came down to it. And that’s just horrible with the exchange rate and no COLA to make up for it. We can’t go out and get a job unless you’re approved of by the German government. Any other jobs on post are the ones they’re threatening to not have workers come in for. What are we suppose to do?? And it’s not like you can afford to move back home, there’s an ocean in the way. It’s horrible. Talk about adding to the stress. All of us with deployed spouses, stuck in another country, with the threat of our services being shut down. It’s just crazy.

  9. Regardless if you’re RED/BLUE/Independent/Tea Party you’re not working in the best interest of the American people. Yes we wanted change but on the backs of our military soldiers and their families when you have placed so many of them in harm’s way and this is how you show gratitude by giving out little sound bites indicating they will only receive “PARTIAL PAY”. Does this mean they can do “PARTIAL” combat in the field and tell an insurgent; “I’m not getting paid this week so can you not fire your weapon at me until the US gets their act together.” NOPE!!

    I’m thankful we have forums like this so we can have “HEALTHY” discussions as we need to voice our opinions truthfully and honestly with each other. Thank you ArmyWife 101 for allowing us to do this…

    Washington leaders need to get their act together instead of trying to make a name for themselves on the backs of our soldiers.

  10. I’m not a wife, I’m a young 1LT with a child. I’m 25 years old, and the Army is the only salaried job I’ve ever had. I lived off my stipend in college, so when was I supposed to save up two months’ pay?! If your husband is a 36-yr old Major, yeah, you’re probably okay, but those E5 and below and us young officers with young families are going to HURT! I don’t even know what world I’m living in where we can fund two wars but not pay the soldiers fighting in it. How in the world am I supposed to keep up morale, half of my unit deploys in two weeks, and they have to worry if they are putting themselves in harm’s way for NOTHING! I am so heated right now I don’t even think I’m making sense.

  11. Thanks so much for your comments and opinions. I am so happy to hear feedback. @Dana I totally understand what you are saying, it’s really a shame. Yet they expect our servicemembers to function on as normal.

  12. I’m lucky that we have at least a minh or two’s worth of savings, but I know that t may not get us very far, which is scary. My husband ands I have also considered my getting a job, but we sat own and figured out that the childcare costs would eat up any money that I make, therefore it would be pointless for me to consider getting a job. Also, the last thing that my husband needs to be worrying about right now is how his family is going to survive once he leaves for his one year remote which is literally around the corner. I don’t understand how congress can get away with this when if any “normal” person were to pull this crap we would be out on our ears. With 2 little ones to worry about, I don’t know how people are taking this as lightly as they are. I’m sure as heck keeping my fingers crossed and hoping they come up with something in the next 48 hours.

  13. Hey YOU ARE 100% correct about it….. My husband is a E3 this month (just got it) and we have a baby on the way there is no such thing as saving and you touched on that…. I’m glad u see that b/c my husband SSG thinks we should have 800+ to get are car fixed right when we need it (ya right that is like a pay check in a half) but I agree We had to get a AER Loan already to go back home (husband’s grandmother passed) and regardless you can only get one out at a time…And I think it is not right for my husband who is putting with with everything, and getting ready to deploy and have our first child, should have to worry about if he will be able to pay our bills and be able to put food on the table… We came into the army as one, no money saved, newly weds, and this was a 100% job that our area of were we grow up didn’t have…. but now this???? And we just cant call someone and say can u gave me money. SO if we dont get payed then IDK bills go not payed and then late fee and so on and so forth…. but if WE DO GREAT….. only time will tell!!!

  14. My sound system is down on my computer so I didn’t get to hear the video, but just read the comments. I was listening to a radio talk show on the way home from school and the host was saying that the military’s budget is written and agreed upon, they could separate it out into its own bill, pass it, and then go on arguing over the other stuff, but the Senate won’t put it out there for a separate vote, and Obama refuses to sign anything that isn’t the whole package. Gee, it has been 6 months since this was supposed to be passed. The Dems had majority back then and for 3 months afterwards why on this earth didn’t they pass it while they had a clear path? Now they have lost control in the House and have to play ball with the Repubs/Tea Party-ers. I don’t think the Dems are any less a party of ‘no’ as they accuse the Repubs of being. THey all need to get off their high horses and put rubber to the road and get it freakin’ done. If they don’t, then stop their pay and all benefits until they do what they were supposed to do MONTHS AGO!!!

  15. Hi, My name is Cindy, and I write the blog
    My plan was to address this topic today. I started the blog last night but life got ahold of me.

    My husband is a SSG in the army. We have been in since 1999. I can tell you from what I have read, soldiers did NOT get paid in 1995 for 21 days! This can and wil happen and it is a disgrace to our soldiers and their families.

    It is bad enough that when soldiers die that they they only get a 10 second clip on the news, and Charlie Sheen gets hours. That the lives of these soldiers is so direguarded.

    I am not sure where you are stationed, as I just found your blog, but I have to say this. Where we are, 6 soldiers were killed last week. 6! Now the goverment is going to the families of those soldiers, along with all those that fight beside them that we are not worth the pay?

    Social Security will still be paid, but soldiers will not.

    This is a slap in the face to all military. Those fighting now, and those that have fought in the past. Those that gave up 20 plus years and now will not get a paycheck. Those like my husband that are currently deployed, and will have spent 9 1/2 months home in 3 years by the time this deployment is over.

    So sad that this is how our country thanks us.

  16. I enjoyed your video becaue you said what majority of us were thinking. I have never looked at the situation as a republican/democrat thing, I have looked at like my 2 daughters fighighting over a toy and neither giving in, but in the mean time while their fighting the dolls head popped off but they were too busy not giving in to notice! As Americans we complain out EVERY government official WE get elected!! We get so caught up in the hype and allowing others to dictate the facts to us we are blindsided when something this potentially drastic happens. My husband has proudly been serving in the Military for 16 years, I never let these politicians dictate our survival, specificly for these reasons, but I DO have hope that our government WILL come through.

  17. The sad thing is that part of this whole thing is based on cutting funding for Planned Parenthood. As a woman who believes in the right to choose, I find it even more offensive they would not pay soldiers and government workers so they can push their agenda. CNN said last night that 53% of Republicans are in favor of a government shutdown, as opposed to 23% of Democrats. I am an Independant. I am also a former soldier, a current army wife of 12 years, AND I AM A GOVT EMPLOYEE. So I will be not receiving both of my household incomes. I find it ironic that most military communities are conservative, yet it is their party of choice stabbing them in the back. Godbless any of you who don’t have money in savings. I know what it’s like as a Jr Enlisted family with children and one income. There is no extra to put in savings. I hope this ends soon, since my savings is earmarked for a PCS move in two months. I have no idea what happens in that situation.

  18. As a soon to be Army wife. Bless you all! I’ll pray so that the military can get their paychecks. Our Military needs their pay!

  19. I just got a chance to listen to this & thank you so much for saying what everyone is thinking! I don’t judge how hard it will be on someone because everyone is different. I’ want to literally almost hit someone when I read the ” get a job then ” responses. We PCS here in Decemeber , which before then I had a great job, made good money, was close to family… life was good. We moved here & I have yet been able to find anything besides working through a staffing agency & if they don’t have hours you don’t work & more often than not they don’t have hours. I’ve put in for so many stable jobs I’ve almost lost track of all of them but nothing. So it’s not from lack of trying. It’s from the bad economy & the fact I don’t speak Spanish ( I have been told countless times I was more than qualified except for the fact I can’t speak Spanish & they need someone who is bilingual). Also with the “should have saved money”… easy to say. I had a savings until we moved & my savings had to go towards paying bills & helping with expenses. I have bills that I’ve always paid on my own because my husband can’t afford his & mine but a savings doesn’t go very far when you HAVE to use it to keep up. The money I had saved was suppose to help get us settled but instead went towards bills & food & is gone for the most part. So when you are scrapping to make bills you can’t really save any kind of money. I am lucky to make the bills at the end of the month sometimes. In a year or two when they are paid off & down then yeah I could start saving again but that’s a long time in coming. It’s just sooo frustrating right now. I wish the govt would just get it together! Seriously.I left everything I knew & moved with my husband because I had faith in the govt to do what they promised & I love my husband more than anything but now they are just adding to stress I already have. Everytime I open the paper to look for a job because I am to the point that almost anything would be better than hit & miss hours all I pretty much see is for ” servers & dancers in an adult atmosphere”… I really don’t wanna have to go that route. Ok.. I am done ranting now… I just needed to get it out because my nerves are shot!! :-]

  20. @ Army Wife 101
    Please urge your readers to go to and find out who the lawmakers for their location are. Then they need to call or email their Representative, Senators and President Obama and express how they want them to support and pass H.R. 1297 – Ensuring Pay for our Military Act. They have been sitting on this since 3/31/11, since it was submitted to committee.
    If we all join forces we can get them (Congress) to do their jobs.

  21. Hey sweetie!! AWESOME job on this!!! We will be getting paid for time before the deadline (tomorrow at midnight) so it will be like half a month’s pay. <3 Lots of concerns here too as active military family but trusting God who is the ultimate Provider!! Thanks for being awesome

    Domestic, But Not Martha

  22. My husband work for the Government and what was told to him is they will get their pay eventually but until it is settled we go without. Here is my concern. Bills and food. How are we supposed to keep paying our bill and feeding our family if we don’t get paid? Have they thought of this? Are they going to make sure we don not get penalized by our creditors because we can’t pay them? My kids will eat before i pay my bills.

  23. I just found you through a newsletter in my email and had to come see this post. I must say after watching your video I now believe in love at first sight because honey I love you.

    We are Canadian military and I can not even imagine how livid I would be if our government did this to us. It is just beyond words. And seriously… people say oh my husband does this for honor.. please honey it may be honor but it is also about a pay cheque. How the hell us you going to put a roof over your head and food in your belly? And seriously when our troops our overseas they have enough on their plates. Watching their backs 24/7 so they can make it home safely to us. Already worrying about how we are doing and coping. Now they need to stress about their families being able to eat or pay bills because the government is a bunch of dumb asses? If you are not in base housing what the hell you supposed to tell your landlord or mortgage company? ya sorry dude but the government isn’t paying me right now so you just got to wait. I am going on and on I know and I am so sorry. I am just so insanely upset over what may be happening to you guys.

  24. Thanks for the video I agree with you 100%. My husband is proud to serve his country but he is also proud to take care of his family and the government is taking away his ability to take care of his family. This is not about Republicans or Democrats it’s about the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our country. They are expected to drop everything to defend our great nation but the government can’t get their act together to make sure these men and women get paid. I hope with you as the voice for so many spouses it can help in some way.

  25. I have a lot of family members in the military and hope that this all gets straightened out for all of y’all!! We are routing for you!! Good luck tonite : )

  26. I *totally* agree! Hubby has been a hard working, diligant Coastie for many years now but due to a few rate changes is still just an E3. We have two babies and he’s getting ready to deploy and we’re moving April 14th so I can stay with family while he’s overseas. How on earth are we going to afford gas money for the trip down there if our paycheck doesn’t come through? Sure right now we have no credit card credit and I suppose we could charge up a few grand on there to make due–but I mean, REALLY??!! That’s what we’re asked to do because the people we elected can’t just agree to meet halfway? Of course they don’t care–them and President Obama *will* still be getting paid! Totally agree with everything you said!

  27. I am not going to get into the back and forth either, I agree with you whole-heartedly, loved your video, and wanted to thank you for keeping it real. And I must be doing way too much beauty blogging lately than I should be, because girl you give good face, your lashes and makeup were FIERCE!

  28. I am not a spouse I am an actual member and single parent so I feel your pain but I also see this as a learning opportunity. Each an every person affected by this will now know that something like this is possible and should plan accordingly in the future. Take this for an example I had a grandmother that lived through the great depression and ever since that happened she lived in such away that if it happened again she would be prepared. I understand believe me I do especially as a single mother (I play every role in my home) how hard it is to save but when I started out I put aside what I could in a money market account and with every pay raise and promotion I increased the amount. I come from the thought process of you can’t rely on anyone but yourself when it comes to matters of money. I have had set backs but I never let it stall me from paying myself first for the simple fact that I had someone that depended 100% on me and I have no spouse. I am in the Coast Guard and we live by Semper Paratus ” Always Ready” and I live my life to be always ready for any and everything. I told my mom about what was going on and she told me well this is what your rainy day fund is for (remember she was raised by a woman that endured the great depression) I think that in my family it has been instilled in us to live like the end could be around the corner and understand everyone wasn’t raised in a survivalist type of atmosphere but there are things that can be taken from these situations as hard as they are. Also in these types of situations is when you become strong and get creative. People in history have had it far worse than this and they survived but it takes strong people that are willing to work together for the greater good to get through these times. At your bases or where ever you live spouses should start getting together and planning how they will survive it together. I could give you a host of ideas of how to survive during rough times. Create groups where everyone brings something and feed your families together. Bills if you are current on your bills then your lights aren’t going to get shut off at the missed payment. This is where the art of communication comes in start making phone calls and letting these companies know (don’t think it works I know for a fact it does did it plenty when I was broke).

  29. If any of you are concerned with how to feed your families and you are in the US please allow your pride to go to the side and go to your local food bank for temporary assistance ( These types of places are fueled by volunteers and if you do use them and when you do get paid it might be nice to give back your time to help others in need as well.

  30. I’m not a military wife, I am a military daughter and sister and I know the stress that the families go through. And I think that cutting the pay of those of who serve our country and die for our country are the LAST ones who need to miss ANY pay.

    Why doesn’t congress miss a pay check? Why don’t they stop some of the outrageous spending in the white house? Well I guess that’s too inconvenient for them, they don’t want to lose the fancy cars or expensive lifestyle.

    The military families and members are the last place they need to mess with pay. I’ve said it tons of times before and i’ll say it again, when a Democrat goes into office is the worst time to be in the military, that’s the first place they want to cut cost.

    Kudos to you for speaking your mind, I think you’re 100% correct.


  32. It is up to the President and only the President who decides who is essential and who is cosidered non-essential. Who gets paid is up to him.Excuse me for being blunt but I think our troops are more importent then funding National Public Radio.

  33. Point being we are Gettn paid …… Might not be when u want it ….. But how is it gonna affect you so bad when u will get it he’ll freeze that high speed internet cancel that TV BILL FOR A AWHILE IF YOUR SO WORRIED I DUNNO I THINK PEOPLE ARE FUNNY WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO LIVE OFF OFF THERE 3 to 5 hundred dollar welfare checks every month n survive get some advice from them lmao

  34. You took the words right out of my mouth. This is the first time visiting your site, but you’ve won me over. As an Army Brat myself, and my ex currently active duty Army getting ready for deployment, this hits me hard. On a personal level it’s like a complete slap in the face, to everyone who is enlisted or with loved ones who are enlisted. On a financial level, that tiny bit of child support every month means the world to my daughter. We don’t live lavish lives like some other people have suggested. Growing up Army, we didn’t do without but we were far from spoiled. My Mom was a SAHM for 10 years until my Dad got out of the military to work for the county. Point being, military families live on a budget. No two families are the same, if you have savings GREAT good for you. But for those of us who don’t…I hope this doesn’t go on for too long.

  35. Yea but your buget could be cut back …for all who is bitchn yea car payment rent electric but one hundred two hundred dollar cells three hundred channels on yur damn tv cut it if u don’t have the money is all I’m sayn people act like they are gonna die those trips to the mall Bla Bla Bla I was born on a base my dad was in 22 years now my husband is diploid but I dunno I just do my thing I guess your budget is how big u let it get is my point n what we get paid … Military speaking is alot compared to people living off McDonald n dollar store paychecks what’s the difference in the way we live how do they survive then

  36. evreyone says why dont you get a job i have a special needs child it took me a while to be able to be able to put her in child care i live in small mil town alot of spouses fighting for one job and with this shutdown no one will hire ugh

  37. I’m thankful I found this site and watching the video made me feel…well, relieved that I’m not the only one upset about this pending shutdown. As for congress, I think they need the help of the elite military wives!!! If we can manage to budget our money from month to month, then we can teach them a thing or two. In fact I think the first thing that needs to be cut is 1/2 of their income. They should actually get paid by the military pay chart. Same benefits, same everything! While our military men and women defend this country, congress should be defending them and us! Instead they bicker worse then a room full of 5 yr olds. Our soldiers pay should not even be effected in this mess…they should be exempt from it in general! Just my thoughts! Thanks for listening!

  38. As a former army brat. I agree with you wholeheartedly my dad is a retired SFC Army ( retired in 2000) and now works for the federal government my step mom served 8 years and now works for the VA hospital if the government stops my dad and step mom are going to be in trouble trying to raise my two lil brothers and pay for all their bills and basic things. Something needs to be done and QUICK!!!!

  39. I am an Army wife of 25 years and proud to be able to say so. I am also the first and oly wife my husband has had so I have shared in his entire career as a soldier.
    I think it is sad that some people say such mean things to you for sharing ‘YOUR OPINION’ about things that effect us as “dependants”.
    It is unthinkable that the government should even consider not paying our troops. What happend to the days whenre the American People made fiancial sacrifices to support the military? I cannot believe that anyone would even think of asking soldiers to continue to be motivated to show up and show out on behalf of a country that won’t pay them. This is an ALL Volunteer force and there service deserves more than a pat on the back. They deserve to not have to worry about their spouses back at home while dodging bullets. If our service members are to perform at their best they need to be reassured that HOME is taken care of.
    I am excited about your website. I just found it! I look forward to sharing more with you from an “OLD SCHOOL” Army wife!

  40. As an Army spouse of a deployed soldier this is making my heart ache! Also, I do not think that people really know the effect this causes of our military families especially the ones who are stationed OCONUS. This means that our commissary closes! Our post office operate differently than the ones in the states, we depend on the military installation for everything. Not to mention those of us who live off post on the economy and have to pay German landlords and utilities. Some of us have homes were both the mother and the father works for the government! Also, we are already having issues with the quantity and quality of goods here at our commissary having people buy 8 half gallons of milk that expires on the 9th just to get through maybe next week is a NO GO! How can my husband be at peace with this especially since he jut re-enlisted last week! Not to mention his soldiers are panicking! We are OCONUS which means that we do not have the comforts of the UN-UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I have already left several messages for my congressman and emails and haven’t gotten a response.
    It seems as if this is a playground for them…..our life…our reality..there entertainment!
    Army wife!

  41. As an Army spouse of a deployed soldier this is making my heart ache! Also, I do not think that people really know the effect this causes of our military families especially the ones who are stationed OCONUS. This means that our commissary closes! Our post office operate differently than the ones in the states, we depend on the military installation for everything. Not to mention those of us who live off post on the economy and have to pay German landlords and utilities. Some of us have homes where both the mother and the father works for the government! Also, we are already having issues with the quantity and quality of goods here at our commissary having people buy 8 half gallons of milk that expires on the 9th just to get through maybe next week is a NO GO! How can my husband be at peace with this especially since he jut re-enlisted last week! Not to mention his soldiers are panicking! We are OCONUS which means that we do not have the comforts of the UN-UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I have already left several messages for my congressman and emails and haven’t gotten a response.
    It seems as if this is a playground for them…..our life…our reality..their entertainment!
    Army wife!

  42. It’s up to President Obama your Commander and Chief! The President can authorize military pay during the shutdown. Clinton and Reagan did it during shutdowns during their terms. Please don’t try and blame the shutdown when the President has all the control over your problem.

  43. well that cant happen that people in the military cant not be paid because the pentagon is not what keeps the military working it is the D.O.D Department of Defense (DoD) is located in Alexandria, Va. If the (DOD) had to use tax payers money only the (DOD) would be the only agency alive in america. They keep a Private Finance by doing what all americans should do they Invest in the global Economy yes that means their better than a goverment shut down. so dont worry it will be okay you will get paid on time
    email me at if want to ask A question

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