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With less than 10 hours left their maybe a government shutdown imminent. We don’t talk politics here at Army Wife 101, but simply put a government shutdown for the military means they will go to work without receiving pay as of Feb 1st along with other government employees . Of course once the shutdown is over they will receive back pay, but that means nothing when you have bills due.

We know this is a worry for many people so we wanted to put together a list of banks who are offering assistance to military personnel in the event the government shuts down. We’ve currently reached out to several popular banks and are awaiting responses.

**We will continue to update this list as they come in.


USAA is offering a number of solutions to help their members. “They are prepared to offer a no-interest payroll advance loan to our military members in the event of a protracted shutdown that disrupts military pay on Feb. 1.” Further details and additional solutions can be found here on their official site.

Navy Federal Credit Union

NFCU states via Facebook that they are offering all eligible members a 0% APR loan to help cover their pay in the event of a government shutdown. To find out if you qualify click here.

Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union

We reached out to Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union and received the following response: “We are monitoring the potential government shutdown. If Congress does not pass legislation for funding by your next payroll, we are trying to have an assistance program in place. If that happens please call us for details on assistance programs, 800-793-2328. Thank you for being a valued member.”

Air Force Federal Credit Union

Has stated that they are aware how this hardship will affect military members and are prepared to make accommodations for military personnel. You can read their official statement here.

Security Service Federal Credit Union

When reached out to provided this statement via FB:”Thank you for reaching out to us. We have several options to help our members in the event of a shutdown. If necessary, please email us at serviceteam@ssfcu.org with more information about your specific needs so we can direct you to the appropriate product or service.”

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union

Replied to us with this: “in the case of a government shutdown we do plan to offer assistance. Please check our website in the coming days for details”.

Pen Fed Credit Union

Replied with this: “Thank you for contacting us. We are monitoring the situation and we will offer solutions if the government shuts down and military pay is impacted.”

U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank is monitoring the situation and we are prepared to help customers in the event of a prolonged government shutdown.

First Command Bank

Announced today on their FB page they are ready to address the possible shutdown with various solutions that include zero interest payroll advances, loan assistance, secured lines of credit, penalty free CD withdrawals plus more. You can see the official details from them here.

Chase Bank

Is offering a refund or waiver of:

  • Overdraft and monthly service fees on their Chase checking and savings accounts; and
  • Late fees for their Chase mortgage, business banking and auto loans

You can learn more about calling their special care line to discuss other solutions here.



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4 Comments on These Banks Will Help Military Members In The Event Of A Government Shutdown

  1. To bad you are only 1/2 right. They have to continue to report to their post each and every day, however, they will not be paid until the shutdown is over. Yes, they will receive back pay, but for now, until the government is back back up and running there will be no paychecks, no PCS moving money, etc., etc.

  2. Rob, please explain to me how PVT Snuffy is supposed to pay $2000 in rent without a paycheck because that is what rent is where we are stationed. I don’t care what Dave Ramsey savings plan that they are on; it’s not going to happen. Landlords don’t care about why you cannot pay your rent.

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