Warning: This blog post discusses anatomy to a degree…Just Saying!

I don’t know about you but I hate whoever invented paps. Now for all the nay-sayers , I’m well aware that they can save lives but in all UN-seriousness if you can scan my brain , can’t you find a way to to take a look in there and collect some cells without me opening up all God’s glory for the world to see?

To make it worse we all know that sometimes in the military life you don’t always get to see your PCP (primary care provider). I remember a specific visit for my annual pap and in walks the doctor with the nurse. The both of them were in ACUS!!!!!

I literally laid their cracking jokes and asking myself are you and my goods about to go to combat? Is there a war going on down there that someone forgot to tell me about ? Am I being punked? Is their some kind of special operations about to take place that you want to warn me about ? Oh joy “The Great Invasion of Le Coochie! LOL!

Luckily in the last two years I have been fortunate enough to have civilian clothed P.A’s or doctors to check on the goodies!

So I have to ask does having a ACU clothed military doctor make you feel more awkward then a civilian attired provider?

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11 Comments on Pap Smears and Military Uniforms…Ughhhh!

  1. totally had this happen before and it was super awkward, especially when he told me he was a specialist in the special forces. really, the special forces? why are you performing paps?

  2. Luckily my first pap at a military clinic was done by a lady in civies…but I agree how acus can be intimidating lol. That just sounds plain akward.

  3. Even when I had Military OB/GYN or Midwife – they were in Lab/Dr. Coats! I have never had a Doc show up for THAT appt in uniform alone.

    For me though…as long as it’s a female – I don’t care if she is wearing a pink tutu and tiara…LOL

  4. I have had AD drs preform my pap & in uniform didn’t phase me….they’re soldiers why would I expect them to be dressed any differently? Personally I think that’s a maturity issue. I also have found I personally prefer male OB’s at least, gyn’s either has been fine for me, as long as the hands aren’t really big, had a OB/GYN who had the largest hands I’ve ever seen in my life and it was a very, very painful procedure, but his saving grace was that his bedside manner was FABULOUS and he was extremely respectful.

  5. We’re a Reservist family so thankfully I don’t have to deal with TriCare, MFMs and all that fun but I can’t imagine having my doctor stroll in to check out my goods while rocking ACUs and rank. It’s just not comfortable. It puts up an invisible barrier between the patient and the doctor (especially if the patient is also a service member).

  6. I just had mine yesterday so this had me cracking up!! I dont think ive ever had them in acus for a pap but even for regular app. That uniform can be intimidating!Lol

  7. Paps are awquard enough as it is-much less with docs in ACUs! The worst is when they strike up small take, um mm so how is school going, whilst feeling ya up hahaha

  8. Funny, last time I went they had someone in “training” my normal PCP (civilian) was there but she was showing the Air Force CPT (we’re Army but stationed on an AFB) how to do my PAP. I just happened to be his first and allowed him to go ahead. What was I going to do say “No”? Anyways he for got to release the expander thing they put inside before he removed it and OUCH! She let him know but holy crap! He’ll hopefully never make that mistake again! I know I never will!! Next time I will say No Thank you!! LOL We now go to Civilian Doctors through the John’s Hopkins Network! Whoo Hoo!!

  9. I don’t know if its because I’ve been seeing military doctors for almost a decade or because I’ve had 3 children in Army hospitals but as long as the doctor is knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner I don’t care what they where. I really don’t even care if they are male or female. I’ve also found that a lot of doctors are military whether they wear ACU’s or civies, so what difference does it make?

  10. First i would like to say girl you had me rolling i laughed so much it made me cry but to answer your question i don’t like paps my self and yes i would feel awkward having someone in acus looking at my girl down there or up for that matter I would feel better if it was a woman 1 because she can relate to us woman some men depending if you feel comfortable. also thanks for making my day you made me laugh.

  11. I don’t think it matters as long as they are gentle. For my last pap, I had a tiny female civilian doc with super tiny hands & thought it would be a breeze but no! She did the most damage out of any doc I had before. I spotted & was in pain for 2 weeks. She was so rough! Ouch!

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