For those of you who haven’t been to my blog in a while I was in a very terrible car accident last Monday. No need to rehash the details but you can read them and see pictures for yourself here. In any event I thought I would document my journey utilizing USAA for this unfortunate incident since it’s obvious that a good portion of the military community uses them for  car insurance.

I have to say so far everything has been pretty smooth. My husband (Thank God) was in the best condition after the accident so he immediately contacted USAA and filed a claim for our totaled truck. He answered some questions and not even two hours after the accident occurred Enterprise picked my husband up at the hospital to take him to get our rental car , a bill that USAA is taking care of.

I have to admit that while I have used USAA for a claim on my computer (they were great and speedy by the way) I have been harboring alittle fear as to how our motor vehicle claim will be handled after reading alot of reviews by some not so happy customers. At the same time there is always three sides to every story so I have chosen to form my own opinion.

I did get some great and honest feedback about various experiences with USAA’s Insurance from the awesome members of the AW101 FB Fan Page.

The adjuster was supposed to go look at our totaled vehicle last Friday so we are hoping to hear something today.

As of right now our claim is still:

Don’t forget to come back and see what happens in Part 2.



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3 Comments on Part 1: Filing A Claim With USAA

  1. How are you feeling? How is everyone else doing? I know there has to be some physiological injuries as well? I hope you all are coping. Still in my prayers!!

  2. Honestly Stephanie you are right that this whole thing has been bothering me mentally. I keep thinking about the vehicle turning over and can’t seem to get it out of my head. My mom was weepy the whole time she was here .

    It doesn’t help that the other day another Ford Suv had a tire blowout on I95 coming from Disney and 3 of the passengers died because they were ejected from the car. I can’t stop thinking about that poor family who probably had a great time and their trip ended like that. It has truly helped that so many of you have reached out to me. Thanks so much for checking on me , I appreciate it.

  3. I am so glad that yal were not seriously injured, cause yal could have been, or worse!!! I am also sorry that it ruined yals vacation, but the major thing is yals health!!! We also have USAA for our vehicles and homeowners. We have had several claims (hail damage on 2 vehicles, hubby ran over pole in parking lot, hail on house roof) and they have always been prompt, courteous and got claims done in a short time. Never really had any problems with them at all!!! We have checking and savings accounts there, our son also has insurance on his truck with them too since he is in the Army. Their premiums are so much cheaper than anywhere else we have checked at. I hope it all goes well for you and your family and that you all get to still go on your Disney vacation. Disney is AWESOME!!! We will be going in 2012 after tax refund comes in!!! Prayers going up for yal!!!

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