Life has been so hectic that I haven’t even had a chance to update you on my everyday personal life and some of the awesome things I have been fortunate to do within the military spouse community.


Two weeks ago my awesome friend/business partner Adrianna Lupher and I were invited to speak at the USAA Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas in celebration of their “Military Spouse Appreciation Day” festivities. It’s always awesome to tour a place that I deal with frequently as a customer and see how things are run on the back end. And even though I had had been invited to visit there before, I still came away amazed at the running of their operations. We met with some of the awesome USAA peeps and chatted over Starbucks and even had an amazing lunch with Retired Vice Admiral John Bird (Senior VP of Military Affairs at USAA) and his sweet wife Noni who he beautifully honored at the ceremony.



The day was great but the best part was speaking to some of the USAA employees about being an entrepreneur and how we balance that and military life. Adrianna and I shared alot about our journey which started out as a “wouldn’t it be cool conversation” to the creation of the successful monthly subscription box for military spouses….SpouseBox! It was such an honor to know that people not only support us immensely but are super interested in learning about our entrepreneurial journey.



I took away so many things from yet another amazing experience as a blogger and entrepreneur. I faced my fear of speaking. Now I know you may be saying “Krystel you have been on TV weekly and spoke several times”! However no matter how many times I have done it I have never been a fan. Although at USAA I learned it wasn’t so much the speaking that bothered me, but that I didn’t think people cared so much. Here I was at an event to teach others and yet I walked away with a huge life lesson. I need to start accepting my success and not be afraid of it. I learned that people do care and are interested in what I have to say. So in I went conquering yet another entrepreneurial feat and coming out confident and celebrating with a piece of USAA cake !







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