Yesterday I posted an article  on Facebook that Bank of America will be charging a $5 monthly debit card fee. Whether you use your card once a month or a hundred times a month you can expect to pay that monthly fee. I gave up on BOA along time ago after constantly being charged to even have an account with them on top of constant overdraft fee mistakes when we weren’t even in the negative. They even have special banking for service members but at the end of the day they (in my opinion) they can’t hold a candle next to USAA.

USAA as usual was awesome enough to ensure it’s members of the following:

In Their Words

“USAA Bank announced today that its debit card will remain fee free. We’re proud of our service to military members and their families and that USAA Bank remains committed to offering a free checking account – and free debit card – with superior features such as:

  • Free checking – No monthly service fees regardless of balance.
  • Free nationwide ATM use – First 10 ATM withdrawals are free, and if another bank charges, we’ll refund up to $15 of their bank fees each month.
  • Deposit options – Make a deposit through one of more than 2,000 The UPS Store® locations, and qualifying members can also deposit checks from home, an iPhone™ or Android™ phone.
  • Free online and mobile banking – Check balances, transfer funds and pay bills using a computer, smartphone, iPad® or
  • Free USAA® Money Manager – Track spending with a personal budgeting tool.

My Words

In a economy where banks are making the switch to charging for Debit card usage USAA is letting us keep those extra dollars in our pocket…Top that!

How do you feel about debit card fees, share your thoughts in the comments section below!




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4 Comments on Why It Pays to Keep USAA…No Debit Card Fees!

  1. Of course BOA would find any chance to charge people. Those made up fees are a legal way to steal. Somebody does not want to give up there lifestyle so the BOA makes its customers pay for it.

  2. We’re looking to switch to USAA, but I’m calling tomorrow to see about withdraw limits. I read online it’s $500 max at the ATM, but there are times I need to withdraw more than that..sometimes at a moments notice.. and from what I read there is no establishment to go in and withdraw money. I’ve only stayed with BOA for the past 6yrs because they’re everywhere and I have a good withdraw limit from them. This $5 fee isn’t much, but I’m looking to leave because of it. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

    A while back my husband overdrew our account by $1. If you overdraw but put your account at 0 or in the positive the same day, you won’t get a fee. Well, I returned something to a store that was $12 just so we won’t get the fee. This should have put us at +$11. BOA charged us the $35 fee for the 1st overdraft, then charged us $35 because even though $12 was going back into the account, it was a transaction while we were in the negative.

    Then the bank manager of the one back home lied to me. She promised me she’d do something for me within 2 days, but she took a week and a half. Then she acted like she didn’t even know me when she had always recognized me for years.

    • even though they Dont have a local branch you can go to a western union store and electronically post your checks to your account that you get in the mail from someone for birthday, holidays Ect.. i would call and ask USAA about withdrawal limit i know that we have taken out $700 before

    • Hey Jenn,

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      That was my biggest problem with BOA if it wasnt one thing it was another. I do agree that they are convenient because they are all over. I am in luck though because they just built a USAA here in Fayetteville NC aka Fort Bragg. I guess it’s just a personal preference. I never have to withdraw that much cash at the ATM and for depositing checks I just do the Deposit from home feature using my scanner which has worked great for me for years. I wish you the best with your decision :)

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