Edited To Add:  The reason we wrote the “Don’t Believe The Hype USAA Post” is that a lot of people thought that if they choose to voluntarily leave an area that hasn’t been mandatorily evacuated they could call USAA and get the benefits listed in the FB status that has been circulating.
We are not saying that people whose zones haven’t been evacuated officially won’t receive this ((however USAA has stated to call and verify because policies vary from state to state), but voluntary evacuees as of now don’t. We are are also saying that as per USAA’s communications team to call and verify that YOUR specific situation qualifies (not what your friends told you in a FB group–our words… not theirs) so that you are prepared and have accurate information. We don’t want folks to be disappointed (in an already stressful situation) because they assumed they would get something someone else in totally different circumstances received.
We also wanted you to understand that this ISN’T available to you just because you are a USAA member. You need to have renter’s insurance or homeowners insurance.
P.S. We do not represent USAA in any way. We simply reached out to their communications team for an official answer that is listed verbatim in the blog post. Thanks!


With Hurricane Irma imminent many military families are on edge. Several military bases in Florida and Georgia have started evacuating people causing military families to wonder about money and their belongings if in the event they are damaged.

If you’ve been on Facebook today you may have seen the following floating around in your newsfeed:

******USAA members******
If your zone is evacuated and you have homeowners or renters insurance through USAA, call them and let them know they will pay for your gas, food and hotel to evacuate. It’s called prohibited usage for emergencies under renters/owners insurance. They will cover lodging for up to two weeks. 1-800-531-8722

We know that this is a sensitive time and people are worried about having funds available if in the event they are displaced. We wanted to verify this information so that we could make sure people don’t rely on something that may not be true.

We recently contacted USAA’s communications team and was told the following word for word:

Homeowners and renters policies can vary state-to-state, we recommend you review what’s covered in your policy or visit USAA’s mobile app, USAA.com or call 1-800-531-USAA (8722) for questions you may have.

In other words, this is only true if you have insurance and are mandatorily evacuated not voluntary.

We dug a little deeper on the USAA site and found out that :

  • Evacuation expenses may only be covered if your property sustains a loss.
  • Certain types of property may have limitations under homeowners and renters policies.
  • Coverage suspensions could restrict your access to coverage or prohibit policy adjustments.

You can read additional official details from this USAA website post by clicking here.

Please share this post with everyone you know. We don’t want people to assume this is automatic.



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  1. Look at your policy when you buy the insurance. It’s so simple – if it’s listed as ‘covered’, it IS. If it’s NOT listed as covered, it isn’t! The terms are very clear as are the statements for premium payments. Just like any other business transaction, they will pay what you ARE insured against. Just like real life, there are NO free lunches. C’mon snowflakes, you are a soldier now, mamma isn’t holding yer hands any longer. I believe your DI explained that concept to you the FIRST DAY. I’ve been a continuous member for 50 years! THAT should tell you something. PS – ‘social media’ sucks !

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