You know what season is up next? Summer, right? No!

Well, yes that too, but from a military standpoint, it’s the beginning of PCS season!

*Cue choir of angels… or screams of terror*

How will you make it through in one piece? Are you struggling with time for yourself? With sanity breaks? Are you overstressed and underprepared?

As milspouses, we understand that PCS moves are the most stressful recurring events that befall military families. If we could pack sanity and peace of mind into a box and mail it to you, we would!

In the absence of a mailing you a magic wand for no glitches, no broken keepsakes, and no surprises, we have the next best thing! At Hello Rosie Co., we have pooled our 28 combined years of military spouse experience to give you tools and goodies that you want and need to survive your next PCS!

Special Edition PCS SpouseBox

We proudly introduce the PCS edition of The Spouse Box! Our seasonally curated subscription box has a single mission: to inspire military spouses to express their uniqueness, hoist everyday military living and celebrate moments and friends along the journey.

Although we won’t reveal exactly what is in our exclusive PCS Edition of the Spouse Box — trust us — you will find splurges and treats just for you to help you stay on top of things, keep organized, and warm your current (or next) house! (Because let’s be honest, during a PCS move, the majority of the work and details fall on the milspouse, and you deserve a treat.)

Join the ranks of the many milspouses who adore their subscription to The Spouse Box, a favorite guilt-free indulgence that arrives quarterly on their doorstep. Do it for yourself, give it as a gift — either way, we know the ins and outs of milspouse life and want to offer you our favorite hand-selected and customized delights.

Military life is tough. PCSing is tougher. Treat yourself to a quarterly delivery of happiness in a box, with Spouse Box. Get your Spouse Box today!



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