All these women weigh 150 pounds...Everyone carries weight differently

My video says it all but I was truly bothered today by the just rudeness and harsh judgement some wives were passing on a specific topic that in essence had nothing to do with the original question asked on a Army wife FB page (not Army Wife 101 by the way).

Either way take a look at what happened and then feel free to share your opinion below. By the way excuse my Iraq blankie in the background…If you don’t have one tell hubby to send you one from Afghan . They are super heavy and warm!


Do you think wives should speak on issues regarding soldiers weight?



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34 Comments on Pet Peeve Tuesday: Should Military Wives Really Speak on Other Soldiers Weight Issues?

  1. Thank you… Its not only about the weight issue, its about all issues that come forward, you are going to have a wife that has a foot up her ass. I agree that if you have a extra few pounds that it does not effect you as a soldier. My husband had a cardio implant placed and he picked up about ten pounds, and they came down on him hard. Like you my cooking doesnt help either. I agree also that many wives chime into crap that they have no pure knowledge on, only what their husband told them or what some other dimwit tells them. I agree totally with this video and honestly as I have said before, if many of them had a hobby they would not have to be online cackling back and forth about crap. I admit I go online when I am off and mess with some of the wives on some of the pages, its hilarious to get them going, but the 24hr 7 day a week bashing is unneccesary. I am not even going to get started, lol…..Love ya though

    • Hey Mrs Perry! Thanks for stopping by and you are absolutely right. The problem is it’s to much I heard from a friend who knows this person. I want to say who in the hell really cares who you heard from . People don’t no other folks situations. That soldier could easily have been a soldier who has some mental or physical injuries going on and gained weight but people would be quick to pass judgement. BTW Cracking up at the foot up the ass part of your comment lol!

  2. THANK YOU!!!

    Good grief! I’m so tired of military wives talking about weight that doesn’t belong to them in general! I’m with you on this, it’s very hard for someone to scream from the rooftops on how they support the troops and then turn around and say “Did you see that soldier’s gut?! How the hell did he get in?”

    Some just need to shut up! THE END
    PS. you crack me up!

  3. girl i totally agree. my husband has been in for 14 years and see alot of wives more and more wearing as we say their husbands ranks and acting like because hes entitled to this she is too and thats not the case. i did not take the oath he did. i try and help the other wives who are new but i don’t know everything and if i don’t know the answer i will ask around and help them find the answer. we should be supporting each other not talking crap about each other husbands or the wives. i just don’t get some people now a days. we can’t talk about anyones weight you don’t know if there are medical reasons why they are overweight or what the case maybe so until you are in their shoes solider or not you can’t say nothing and thats my opinion.

  4. Thank you for posting this! I saw the question posted on a military wives support group where the soldier failed PT or didn’t pass tape requirements for being overweight and all the wives jump on it. They say the soldier is fat, they can and will get kicked out of army and all sorts of stupid things!First of all – SHUT UP! You don’t know what’s going on – if its medical, laziness, muscle or maybe he has to poop! This extra fluff is not going to affect his ability as a soldier! This irks me the most because the wives are pixie princesses either!!! I agree with you – if you have not served, didn’t take the oath to your country, than do not speak! You only sound ignorant – take care of your own husband. Lemme have a wife say something like that about my husband in person….

    • Bernadette,

      I was going to say the same thing as you! I would welcome any wife to say something about my husband in front of me! That would be a sad sad day for them!

  5. Some women need to learn to keep their mouths shut!! My husband has chronic ptsd due to numerous tours in Iraq. His medication has caused him to gain water weight.. Is he heavier than he would be without meds? YES OF COURSE!! On the other hand his weight does not stop him from being proud of the last ten years he has served in the Army!! How can we expect the world to support our troops and their families, when we can’t even respect each other?? Tsk Tsk Tsk!

  6. Couldn’t agree with you more!

    I’d love to say more, but I swear you said everything I was thinking. :)

  7. I have to agree with you on this as well. I am prior AF and with my husband in the Army he has told me about how they are coming down on some people for this issue. In my opinion the weight issue is between that soldier and their chain of command not other wives. No one has any idea what that person maybe going through be it medical reason or something else. Like some of you have said already I would like to see a wife say something about my husband, that’ll be be the last thing she says before she turns away with her tail between her legs (the hubby says my filter between my brain and mouth is broken so I tend to say what ever runs through my head). This is the type of stuff that I have seen and annoys me with some of these wives. When I was in the AF, which was 11 years ago, I had never seen this much b.s. In fact, back then I was a young, single airman, I was really good friends with some of the wives with the guys I worked with. And the airmen didn’t look down at the wives either when they were around too like they were low class citizens either, like I have seen now too (I’ve seen this with the younger military members). I understand that we are not in the military and they are, but like the saying goes to gain respect you must give respect. Ok I’m done with my vent now. :)

  8. I completely agree with this VIDEO!! My husband is skinny but has a little pudge and small love handles, he wears a size 32 pants. My husband is in great shape, but yet just because of his little bit of pudge, he gets ridiculed ALL THE TIME. I’m getting tired of it! The weight issue is so stupid, let a soldier get out if his health affects his PERFORMANCE, if he is a little out of shape but still does his job well, Leave him the hell alone!!!!

  9. LOL I just saw this Krystel. I agree with you and I couldn’t believe how out of hand that got!!! I wanted to remove it after a while, but I HATE removing things. It was just insane. And then it is hard to keep up on it when I have life off Facebook… smh… I can’t win sometimes lol

  10. I absolutely love you. Being a veteran myself I completely agree with everything you have to say!! My husband and I are applauding you!!

  11. OMG!!! YES!!! I am an active duty Soldier and I have a thyroid condition that makes my weight go up and down and not just a little bit either. I can vary 10-15lbs in either direction. It just drives me insane to hear other people comment on how I look and tell me how I should eat and live my day to day life to be a ‘better Soldier!!” As far as Soldiers talking about other Soldiers, they do that as well. There’s even other female Soldiers within my unit that go as far as making fun of me about my health issue (that they don’t know about) and try to guess it. One day I’m ‘pregnant’ and the next I ‘see mental health on a daily basis.’ This issue has me on 8 hour work days (0900-1700) so I don’t go to PT in the mornings. What’s that to say that I don’t do it on my own at home. In this new age, and not just with Soldiers, weight is a big thing to people that don’t have health problems or a problem staying skinny!!! SMH…Anyways, you have me as a new follower! :)

  12. Thanks for posting this. I really hate how gossipy wives are. However, I would slightly disagree on the reasoning for keeping our mouths shut. You say that being overweight doesn’t make you a bad soldier. I wouldn’t completely disagree with that statement (he could be an excellent leader, morale booster, etc.) however, if he’s really overweight and gets hurt in the middle of combat, how many people is it going to take to drag him out to safety? (If you add his weight plus all his body gear/armor…that’s a lot of weight even on a skinny soldier.) If he can’t run the 2 miles for a PT test, will he be able to endure hours of combat? I understand some soldiers run into injuries and problems that cause them to gain weight. I’m not trying to criticize. I would never look at a soldier and judge them. They are doing something I could never do. And I hope I don’t get attacked for this comment, just playing devil’s advocate. Your overall message I agree with. People shouldn’t be so quick to judge, and should keep their negative comments to themselves.

  13. THANKYOU!!!!!! As a Army Wife and a Active Duty Navy Sailor you said it perfectly. We are all different and we all carry it differently. Its none of anyone else’s business to go raggin on a service member when lil miss thing runs all day at the gym and lives on lettuce and water. I currently am riding the lines between 190 and 200 lbs with 21-22% BF and 5’11. I’m a size 12 with a smooth tummy and no elastic in my jeans. Some of us are ment to be built bigger than others. If lil miss twiggy got a issue let her come talk to me. I can snap her over my knee.

  14. While I don’t think it should be dinner conversation, I don’t think that it’s taboo either. As a civilian, my tax dollars become your paycheck, if you are consistently on a weight profile and thus are non-deployable you are not (in my opinion) earning the dollars that go from my bank account to yours. This is reality; if you are unable to consistently do your job, it has become a problem and your employers (in this case, the citizens of the USA) will call you on it eventually. There are def times when people are naturally going to gain weight, but if it is a consistent problem and gets in the way of you doing your job, then yes, I think it’s ok to comment.

  15. Lol, I agree with you!!! I have enough worrying about my fat a$$ I don’t care about anyone else’s…

  16. What Noris said! LOL~ I had NO idea this type of behavior has been going on. I personally don’t care or ask what other wives husband’s jobs entail OR what they do. It’s called GET a LIFE and you won’t have to speak on what another service member has going on in their life. People are crazy! Oh and by the way, I want the link to the group. I enjoy reading random CRAP! :)

  17. Youre awesome Krystal. I’m an Army wife and prior service but I still do not comment on things about the military unless I’m 100% sure I know what I am talking about. The Army has changed so much since I have served my information is a few years out of date. Plus I was in the Signal Corps and my husband in Field Artillery. Two different worlds and totally different rules on how things a ran. I am in not position to offer in advice to anyone now because its not my job plus there is a chance I could be totally wrong.

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