We certainly love our men and women in uniform and we appreciate everything they do but just sometimes they do some annoying things on a daily basis in regards to this Army stuff.

My husband’s annoying moments came earliest in the morning when it came to PT.

In no particular order check out the “Top 5 Annoying Things My Husband Did Before He Went to PT”.

1. My Gosh The Noise

Honey I know that I get to stay in our warm bed with sleep induced flannel sheets while you have to go out into 20 degree weather with only a wind breaker jacket and wind breaker pants, but do you really have to make all that noise in the morning. The shaving, the tripping over stuff, the manly noises that only you men think are so appropriate!

2. Walking In Circles

If you would just have set your stuff out at night like I told you then you wouldn’t be walking around in circles turning on every light known to creation in the house to find things.

3. Waking Me Up Because You Can’t Find Your PT Belt

It’s bad enough that I felt guilty and pretended to be asleep ( even though I wasn’t …see #1) just so it wouldn’t suck anymore then it already did that you had to go out into the cold. I also didn’t want you to see that totally involuntary smirk that is on my face because I am basking in the warmth of our bed, but then you come and wake me up and I have to pretend that I want to help you find stuff because now I feel guilty! I also don’t want your unorganized arse to get yelled at or be late so now the house looks like it’s been raided because for some reason you can’t find the backups for your PT Belt!

4. The Breakfast Pit Stop

I’ve already been awakened, blinded by lights and had to play PT treasure hunt to find your sh$# but now I come downstairs only to be greeted by one of my good new pots half burnt because you thought it would be great to boil eggs and let the water boil out on top of that. You also for some reason thought that the bread would close it self and left that followed by a trail of crumbs on the counter.

5. The Infamous I Forgot Something

Like the good little wife I am I finally get you out the door and retreat back upstairs to the comforts of our warm bed. In my mind I hope that I have made you feel better because now you think I am up and probably beginning my day . The reality is I could care less about beginning my day at that point and I am not because I am going back to sleep.

What happens next?

Just as I get nestled back in my warm spot ready to enjoy that last hour of sleep before I have to get the kids up, what do I hear? The freaking garage door opening because you forgot something!

Now I must hop up and act as if I never went back to bed so you can’t see what I really do when you leave for PT LOL!

What annoying things does your husband do when getting ready for PT?




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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

44 Comments on Top 5 Things Annoying Things My Husband Did Before He Went to PT

  1. This made me laugh because all of it is true!! The noise, the lights, not to mention he texts from other people in the battery confirming meeting points and what to wear etc etc. Then the heavy footsteps running up and down the stairs….ahhh as annoying as it all is, I miss it when he’s not around.

    • OMG how could I forget the phone calls of other soldiers calling him to tell him they were gonna be late and I am like you moron he is gonna be late if he doesn’t stop taking your phone calls LMBO! Oh and you are so right the footsteps up and down the stairs and I also cringe because a few times I know he had on those nasty PT shoes ughhhh!

  2. I feel the same way!!! I hate when he doesn’t lay his stuff out the night before, and he is walking in and out of the room collecting his things.

  3. My husband will turn on the tv while he’s getting ready. Only thing is, he gets so distracted he loses track of time and ends up making an ungodly amount of noise when he starts to rush. Did I mention he also gets up at 4am to go to gym before PT? I’m a light sleeper and can never get back to bed after he’s gone.

      • Ain’t nobody got time for that. If you want me to be a happy wife with a happy life and dinner when you get home, please ensure you are as quiet as a mouse when you leave in the morning. And don’t wear your nasty clothes/shoes all over my nice clean carpet. Ugh

  4. I’m such a heavy sleeper! I don’t really hear much – I sometimes tell him to wake me up if he’s leaving early. Also, I haven’t spent much time sleeping with my husband while he goes to work. Once he gets back from his overseas tour, I’m sure I’ll have another opinion.

  5. Lol!!! I thought I was the only one! I really hate when he goes around asking me for his stuff. He always forgets something too. The noise is on my top list. With 2 little kids under the age of 3 that drives me nuts. Ah but i gotta love this man!!

  6. My husband is more annoying when he returns from PT for a shower before heading back to work. I guess he decided to wear his running shoes in my clean house…I had no idea because I was sleeping..I found out when I had to wake up to pee and I was still in cozy mode so I wanted to go back to sleep before our son woke up…but instead I stepped into the bathroom and my bare feet stepped in sand. Lots of wet sand. I was pissed….even more so to find sand tracked from the front door to the bathroom. I’m not even sure how he is still alive.

  7. My husband hits every one of the five mentioned and then some! He leaves every. single. light. he. comes. into. contact. with. in the morning. ON. All of them! At least twice a week, he can’t find his keys (even though I have made repeated attempts to give him a landing pad for his wallet and keys in the form of bowls, special shelves, trays, an area next to the coffee pot… Yeah, right. After 21 years, just go do PT and hush up about it already.

  8. My hubby does the same thing when he searching for things and I only asked him a million times if he knew were everything was before we went to bed. Lol but the one thing he does that kinda pulls my nerves is instead of just kissing me before he leaves he shakes me to wake me up to tell me he’s leaving and then kisses me. Ha.

  9. My husband is guilty of #1! It doesn’t help that the floors creek when you walk on them. Other than that he’s pretty fast at getting on his way, he tries to let me sleep because he knows I’m up with the baby all night.

  10. This is so true! The only difference is that my husband ask my to make his eggs! He says “Babe I know its early, can you make eggs? I don’t want to keep burning your pans.” Gotta Love PT Mornings! Lol

  11. wait we forgot the main one .. for those living off post … the search in every room for their military I.D. (which more than likely is sitting in the car cup holder)

  12. OMG!!!!! You hit them all on point. I was reading this as my husband got ready for pt. He just left but guess what’s left on for me to turn off…THE LIGHTS!!!! Now I gotta get up from being cozy to turn them off lol. One thing that I do is set MY alarm clock as well cause if I don’t hubby would be late everyday. I also keep a mental note of where everything is before I go to bed or what he needs the next day so I can point and he grab. We have those occasional mornings when he opens the door to leave and I say “babe you forgot ____” lol.

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  14. I have dealt with this a couple of times but thank goodness my hubby typically tries to tip toe around so he don’t wake me up. Unless he can’t find something then he of course wakes me up to see if I have seen it.

  15. I am a very light sleeper, so I hear and see everything the minute he gets up. I wake up about 45 minutes later than he does for work BUT w/ the lights and noise, I talk to myself “Shadia…go back to sleep, you have 20 minutes, that’s good for something…just concentrate, close your eyes, and block out the lights and sounds….GO TO SLEEP!” After the 20 minute pep talk, it’s time to get up and get ready….Ay ayay

  16. My husband could wake the dead walking around in his pants and jacket. *swish*swish*swish* Then down the stairs thudding as he goes, only to forget something and have to tromp back upstairs into the bedroom to find it. Ugh…annoying. #armywifeproblems

  17. Pretty much nailed it with 1, 2, and 3. Include a special one for us: leaving the gate open that leads to the hallway, and then the cat gets into the bathroom and I wake up to pee and it looks like a snowstorm in there because she destroyed the new roll of toilet paper. TADAA. Thanks for that. ;)

  18. Haha! Oh man…I can see my husband doing every last one of those things! We’ll find out in a couple weeks once we get to our first duty station!

  19. OMGoodness, so glad to know I’m not the only one! Too funny! The worst is when you lay there trying to go back to sleep after they finally do leave and you can’t! :)

  20. OMG!!!! I just gave up and started getting up with him. We go through a list of things he has to have. I have a system it take 30 min and I walk him out kiss him good bye. Wish him a good day and then go back to sleep. That way I am assure to B able to get some sleep. BECUZ My Hubbie is an offender of all 5. GOT TO LOVE :D

  21. #3!!! Ha!!!!
    My least favorite morning rituals are those texts for mandatory check-ins WAY before it should be legal. Grr…

  22. I would have to say the most annoying not to mention he has to wake me up because he can’t find his shorts or his thirty in his unorganized drawer but then I’m woken up 5 minutes later cuz he can’t find his belt then after I got him out the door I have to come back in the room n start placing the tops to all th hygiene products he had used before going to pt while his phone rings numerous times while soldiers r trying to call to let him know they r running late ( he doesn’t take his phone with him)…. Gotta love my husband lol

  23. My husband has a problem not hearing his alarm clock which he has 6 alarms set for him to wake up he doesn’t hear them till I start yelling at him to turn them off once he is up and moving he always forgets to turn off the lights as he walks out the door

  24. Please allow me to elaborate on #5. Hubby and I lived 15-20 from post. He would “forget” something, call me AFTER PT only to tell me he needed me to bring whatever to him… oh, yeah, he has no idea where it is and needs it in 20 minutes… thanks honey!

  25. I love this. Before I started teaching my hubs wouldn’t come back if he forgot something. He would call me to bring if to him lol

  26. We have (thankfully) finished our guest room/bathroom which is immediately down the hall from our master. He uses that closet and that shower for his morning routine, so #1 has significantly decreased in recent months! He’s also really good about putting his stuff out the night before so #2 & #3 aren’t too much of a problem.

    What drives me bonkers? His insistance on playing with the dog before he leaves. It’s not like the dog cares at all whether they got 30 seconds of play time before a long work day. So why is it so vital to get him all worked up and then leave? All he does is jump onto the bed (where he’s not supposed to be) and want me to get up and finish play time. Let me tell you, I don’t like 4:30 AM for any reason, but especially to play tug-of-war with my 10-month-old Lab! :)

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