This happens daily in our home…How many times have I told this man to take those dirty mud infested PT shoes and place them in the garage and not on my good darn carpet?

Does your significant other do this?

Where does your hubby leave  his PT sneakers? Does he put them away or are you usually tripping over them? Share your thoughts below in the comments section .

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26 Comments on Things Our Hubbies (Soldiers) Do: PT Shoes!

  1. Oh, am I forever stumbling over my husband’s shoes, boots, and anything else that he feels the need to peel off and spew throughout the house. Argh I love that man, but he needs to learn he is 32, not 3 OR 2!!

  2. My husband is a neat freak and always put his in the laundry room. He is deployed now and I would love to open the door and see his shoes laying somewhere.

  3. Your lucky it’s just his shoes. My husband start taking everything off as soon as he walks through the door. There is always a sweaty stinky mess of clothes and shoes all the way to the bathroom!

  4. Ugh yes I am constantly tripping over my husbands shoes to. I always tell him to leave them by the front door but he never listens lol I always end up having to put them away.

  5. Luckily he leaves his PT shoes by the door (we have a no shoes policy in our house, it’s a rent house with off white carpet…smart huh?). It’s his dang combat boots that he tromps through the house with back to his office. Makes.Me.CRAZY.

  6. My Hubby is very good about putting his things away…TG…He’s an awesome dishwasher as well….I think my training with him is done! LOL

  7. oh i trip over those daily along with his boots lol drives me nuts cause his boots hurt hen i stub my toe on them. althought i havent tripped on them in while due to deployemnt i almost miss it lol

  8. It’s not so much his PT shoes that bother me, those usually get put away or more frequently, are just thrown on his side of the bed. It’s the boots. For some unknown reason his boots are ALWAYS left somewhere I’m going to kick them in the middle of the night. Shortly after we got married I broke my pinky toe on one of his boots while getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

  9. Oh my. My husbanx leaves stuff EVERYWHERE. P.T. shoes get muddy and brought home and dropped right in my way. Then our toddler puts them on and drops dry mud all over my house and then kicks one off here and one off there, then as i am sweeping or walking or whatever through the house I trip over them. Ugh. Its like the insult, the injury and an extra kick cus it causes me grief over and over again, day after day. Lol. My husband swears he was once an organized person. Rofl

  10. Funny you would mention this because last night I was about to head to bed and noticed my husband had his muddy PT shoes sitting on the carpet next to the couch and my initial thought was “Why would he put those dirty a** shoes right there?” lol. He just returned from his 3rd deployment, and while we always miss their presence when they are gone, I can say that I don’t miss having to pick up after a grown man lol. I have two kids to pick up after as it is so the least he can do is pick up his dirty clothes and shoes, right? hehe At this moment he has a pair of shoes right in front of the front door, a pair next to his recliner, right beside his side of the bed and dirty clothes all over the bathroom floor. Guess we know what I am doing today! :)

  11. My hubby usually drops his tennis shoes at the door but his boots end up thrown anywhere along with his ACUs. But I have to admit, it’s better to have to pick up after him than to only see him via webcam. I feel for those with deployed spouses.

  12. The latest place my hubby left them is (I kid you not) on the coffee table! I have to give him credit though, he picked them up and put them there in order to vacuum for me, BUT still…gross!

  13. My husband also leaves his PT shoes, boots, and any other kind of shoe he owns, in the middle of the floor. I remember it being especially aggravating when I was 9 months pregnant and I couldn’t see my own shoes, much less his. I must have begged him a million times everyday to please pick up his shoes. I guess it’s just a man thing :)

  14. Just PT shoes? I am always picking up an armful of crap when he gets home. The muddy shoes are always near the door which is great bc its tile floor but I have asked many times that he bang the clumps off but nooooo. Then I have his bookbag with all of his stinky PT clothes still inside, his top that comes off as soon as he walks in, and his boots. Now, yes, it is all in one pile but the pile is in our hallway so if we want to go in or out of the apartment then we have to move it all or climb over the crap. I even cleaned the closet next to the door so he had no excuse to not just toss it in there but it still hits the hallway floor and there it remains.. gotta love em, right? lol

  15. I gotta give it to my hubby muddy PT shoes are usually by the front door…its the boots and ACUs that are always everywhere…I cant tell you how many times i have tripped over those freaking boots. I have had a many of black and blue toes…dont tell him this but since he;s been deployed i kinda miss darn near killing myself over them

  16. The boots! I have to agree ladies those are the worst. My other pet peeve is the socks, my husband will put his slippers on and leave his socks wherever he does it!! I find them everywhere!

  17. Cant wait to see his shoes next to my fireplace again :) he always takes them off befor he hits the carpet. Its not like it matters the carpet is a mess from the kids lol

  18. My husband is great whenit comes to taking care of his PT shoes, he will take them off before he enters the house and put them away in the shoe closet. As for as his boots, he will do the same thing when he gets out of work but when he comes home for lunch he will wear them. I do give him credit though because he will smack his boots until enough of the crap comes off.

  19. For some reason my husband feels it nesseccary to leave his shoes any shoes on my furniture especially my brand new couch it just nasty who knows what you stepped in.

  20. Well I don’t have a problem with stumbling over
    My husbands PT shoes. But my lord how fast does he go thru each pair?! I swear he’s only had this pair for a couple of months and they already have holes in them! I keep asking him where the heck he’s running if it puts holes in his expensive minimalist shoes!!

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