For all of us Turbo Tax and H&R wannabe tax preppers (myself included) the following information is good reason for us to check over our taxes thoroughly, keep our addresses updated and make sure you thoroughly understand the combat tax inclusions.

According to Army Times over 30,000 troops owe close to $390 million in back taxes.

One of the biggest issues mentioned is frequent moves which causes important mail sent from the IRS not to be received by the soldier or his family. I know in my experience I missed out on a document that would have caused me to get a little more money but it went to my old address for whatever odd reason and quite frankly I forgot about it.

You can check out the article here for more details on this issue.

Will this article make you think harder about doing your own taxes?





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3 Comments on Does Uncle Sam Want Your Soldier for Owed Taxes?

  1. It really is worth it to have a preparer put their stamp on it. If you save throughout the year, knowing that it’s an expense, it’s not too expensive and saves A LOT of heartache and trouble later on.

  2. We learned our lesson this year. We got a heft bill from the IRS from 2010 and I immediately took it and the 2010 taxes to H&R Block. I also took this years. There are seriously not enough nice things that I can say about them. They were professional and understanding and explained everything to me. They figured out our problem with 2010 and we ammended the taxes and everything turned out GREAT. They did this years too and from now on they will be doing our taxes. They also gave us a 10% discount and gave us a few other discounts where they could.

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