I can’t tell you how many emails I receive from readers seeking some type of resource for their spouse who is or possibly has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). While no program I mention on Army Wife 101 should trump proper treatment and a diagnosis from a trained professional there are many great resources to help you and your service member understand some of the challenges you are now facing and work to make things better.

One of the programs launched to help veterans and current service members is Vets Prevail which is a “customized re-integration training program that helps Veterans work through PTSD , Anxiety , Depression , Life Challenges,etc.  This is definitely not a cure all and when a user completes a profile and glaring issues are assessed they will be recommended to seek further treatment.


In addition service members can take advantage of “Give an Hour” service that utilizes volunteers to help veterans seek treatment for a variety of different issues to include mental and physical disorders. You can download their military brochure here.




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