applesWith it being Martin Luther King Day, I thought I’d share a simple way to explain differences in people to young children.  A friend of mine did this with her children, and I thought it was a creative idea.

You take three apples, one green, red, and one yellow. I’m pretty sure you can use whatever colors you want as long as they are different. I took the three apples and I told my twins (6yrs old) that  all of these are apples, even though they look differently. Each apple has a different kind of name and color because of where and how it was planted and grown.

Then you cut all the apples in slices, and explain that whats important is that they are all the same on the inside. Like apples, we all look different, but what matters is whats on the inside. Never judge people by outward appearances, we come in all sizes and colors, those differences are what make us so special!

This actually prompted quite a bit of conversation out of my daughter. My son on the other hand just wanted to hurry up and get his apples and nutella on!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day! Or in the words of my 4 yr old, Martin Luther the King day!



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