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For those service members who are all about the action , you’ll want to tune into the Military Channel starting August 4th for the new series” Air Aces”.

Air Aces takes a look at courage in the skies with real life accounts of heroic acts and tales of missions told from the voices of those who lived them.

AIR ACES is Military Channel’s action-packed new series that profiles some of the most heroic and courageous military pilots ever. With true accounts directly from the remarkable men in the cockpit, each episode of AIR ACES features stories of specific missions as seen through the eyes of the air heroes at the heart of the action. From a WWII officer who crawled along the wing of his bomber at 20,000 feet to put out a fire, to the Phantom fighter pilot who executed a mission that decimated the North Vietnamese Air Force in one of the most celebrated dogfights of the modern era – these are stories of superhuman endurance, selfless courage and heroism beyond the call of duty.

With access to actual flying aircraft like real Spitfires, Phantoms and P-51 Mustangs, AIR ACES recreates incredible historical aerial action scenes and enhances them with CGI, advanced digital techniques and fascinating primary source material. Viewers are totally immersed in the action, riding along with the fierce pilots to feel the thick of the action in the cockpit, shaking as the flak explodes around them, and straining under intense G-forces.

The series will consist of 6 one hour episodes and make it’s premiere on the Military Channel at 9pm on Sunday August 4, 2013. Viewers are in for a treat as another episode will air that same night at 10PM EST.

Regular episodes will air every Sunday at 10PM E/P.

Will you be tuning in?




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