Image Credit: USArmy.Mil
Image Credit: USArmy.Mil

Chances are you ( or your wife most likely) probably have heard of the hit Lifetime series “Army Wives” or caught the occasional military documentary about life in bootcamp or military homecomings.

Never once have I seen a show that actually will introduce the civilian world to the Army . Starting Strong is produced by former 80’s teen idol and actor Ricky Schroder who is most famous for his role in the classic sitcom “Silver Spoons”.

The premise of Starting Strong is to take nine people who are potentially thinking about joining the Army and give them an inside look and dose of the Army Life , before they make their final decision to join or remain a civilian.

My initial thoughts after watching the trailer:

* So far this seems like one of the few shows that I have seen that actually shows the true experience as far as life in the Army and the training we go through.

* I like that they use real veterans and real soldiers enlisted in the Army to do the training. It appears they chose the most squared away enlisted NCO’s. Nothing wrong with seeing officers but it was nice to see the actual NCO’s that actually get down and dirty and train our soldiers.

*This doesn’t look like some Hollywood set.

The show went MOS specific. Many times we see our brave guys who are doing their thing in what some would consider the more exciting jobs that are usually seen on TV such as infantry. I enjoyed the fact they showed some of the other MOS’s that normally don’t get the spot light.

All in all I think us current service members will enjoy watching just to see someone come in from the civilian side with no real knowledge of what to expect from military life and see how they handle it.

As far as potential enlistees this show looks like it will give you a better picture of basic military training and some of the training that happens after boot camp during AIT.

More info on the show via Army.Mil

The episodes were filmed at Joint-Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.; Fort Bragg, N.C.; Fort Stewart, Ga.; and Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

The series will air Sunday mornings through August in a half-hour time slot on FOX affiliates in New York; Los Angeles; Chicago; Philadelphia; Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; Detroit; Phoenix; Tampa, Fla.; Minneapolis; Orlando, Fla.; Austin, Texas; Memphis, Tenn.; and Gainesville, Fla.

Full episodes will be available on’s YouTube channel. Five-minute webisodes will be available on

Watch the preview trailer here:

“Starting Strong” premieres Sunday June 2nd.

Will you be tuning in ?



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