At the end of a long day, sometimes there is nothing like a hot bath to ease aching muscles, melt away tension or relax the mind. Or perhaps you prefer stepping into an invigorating hot shower to wake you up first thing in the morning?

For some of our disabled vets, bathing is no longer the simple, relaxing or revitalizing ritual it once was. Some of our brave servicemembers return home with prosthetics, in wheelchairs and face limited mobility. The once easy and pleasurable task of stepping in and out of a shower or tub, has now become a challenge. What was once not even an afterthought, is now a careful maneuver into a bathroom that suddenly feels small, slippery, high and practically insurmountable. Perhaps this once private part of the daily routine now requires assistance from a caregiver. Our veterans deserve to bathe with dignity and security.

This disabled veteran may be someone you know, or even someone who shares a home with you. He or she is someone’s son, daughter, spouse, sibling, parent or friend. Whether or not he or she communicates the challenge of feeling at home after sustaining debilitating injuries, the fact of the matter is this — things have changed. In order to once again feel confident and comfortable, houses need to accommodate the new needs of our warriors. Our veterans deserve to feel safe and sound at home.


Safe Bathing Solutions for Veterans

Premier Care is a company that provides bath solutions to improve the life of veterans wounded while serving our country, and those living with mobility limitations. Premier Care offers security and independence through safe bathing solutions to meet the needs of our wounded heroes.

What products are available to you or someone you care about?

What services are offered?

  • Free in-home consultation

  • Custom, professional installation

  • Veteran’s discount

  • Financing options

  • Product warranty

If you, or someone you know could benefit from a better bathing experience that promotes independence, security and confidence, please contact Premier Care. They are dedicated to creating and sharing information that helps persons with disabilities and their families continue to lead rich lives. Premier Care in Bathing is committed to providing our Veterans with the freedom and confidence they deserve.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Premiere Bath.



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