You know step one is to admit you have a problem. What if I already admit that I love to shop but choose to not progress to step two yet? Ahhh. Yes. Shopping. My favorite past time; well one of my favorite. I mean I have children and they were created with my 2nd favorite past time..*cough* ….anyways!

When it comes to kids clothing, I came to the conclusion if I didn’t want something the other 5000 kids on base had all the time, I would just have to order it online. But where to look? Besides Etsy which is on the top of my list of awesomness for handmade , one of a kind places (and if you create those frilly, uber cute things for girls, please leave me your link below!), which some days I can go broke on. I found private shopping places. Not that I understand why they are private since I am sure everyone in America is a member of all of them, but hey I signed up too! Shopping with a timed cart (you only have 15 mins to find it, grab it and pay), I was a mad woman for deals. With two fashionista daughters, let me show you one place you need to join me:


  • Daily deals on brand name clothes for pregnancy to age 7 kids, pieces for the house, travel, toys, sometimes even mom and dad up to 80% off retail
  • Flat rate shipping of $7.95 no matter how much you buy. They are actually looking into more shipping options too.
  • Shipping takes 30 days or less.
  • 1st time members get Free Shipping on their 1st order within 30 days of joining
  • Refer a friend who orders and get $15 credit in your account.
  • With every purchase you make through Totsy, they will plant one tree in the name of your child to help reduce the effects of deforestation
  • Side note – I have a lifetime savings of (yes they keep track of your savings) almost $5000 ($4798.09 to be exact! That is since joining 8/31/10) Savings, not spending, don’t get that confused or my husband may kill me.
  • Disclaimer- I actually use to give Totsy a hard time on my orders and Customer Service but was approached and asked to help to make them better. Now I am a Totsy Mom for the 2nd year in a row; and boy that picture needs updated . Anyways, they have come along way baby! Try them out!

Of course there is always Gymboree, Janie & Jack, Crazy 8, The Childrens Place, etc etc etc. But I would rather save some money and see what I can snag for way less on brands like Carter, Skidders, Baby Legs, Disney, Sigg, Melissa & Doug, Baby Phat, and New Balance (to name just a FEW). Sometimes I log on and just want some $11 capris just for me, or like today, I ended up ordering a whole kitchen worth of Boston Warehouse cupcake themed pieces because the dang price was so cheap (and my kitchen does need a moral/emotional lift). Go on over and look for yourself. The deals change every day. If you want a tip, I look every 2 days because then I can combine a new sale and just ending sale for 1 flat rate shipping price. Saves you money on that part if you find something you want from both. I haven’t tried the Travel Deals yet, but I have heard no complaints on them so far.

Remember to leave me your links if you sell/make/create/craft on Etsy cause I’m a handmade lover! Also if you want your products sold on Totsy, leave me a way to contact you and I can put you in a convo with the lady in charge of that. Have a suggestion or feedback? Leave that too, I am here to help.

So…Where do YOU shop online?


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My name is Angela, I am the new Frugal Savings lady over here at Army Wife 101. I currently blog/own Mommy PR ( . I love shopping and I truly heart coupons. I am a military spouse, mom to 2 girls, been stationed overseas and stateside, and have a mild addiction to social media.

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  1. I haven’t heard of Totsy! I’ll check it out. I’ve had a lot of success with Zulily. My main shopping place is OshKosh. They’re clearance is always fabulous! They let you use coupons on sale items and they’ll even let you use more than one coupon on a transaction. I got almost $80 worth of clothing for $22 when I went shopping for winter clothes. That was an entire wardrobe for my 3 year old!

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