You know how I do things here at Army Wife 101 . Everything here is random and because of my fabulous Randomosity, I am part of the Toyota Women Influencer’s Network (okay I am not sure if that’s why they picked me but it sounded good). In any event I bring the awesomeness and happenings of Toyota to you on occasion plus I love that they offer that pretty cool rebate to military so I am a fan of theirs.

Recently we had a chat with some of the Toyota experts who answered all the questions any girl could ever ask about the Toyota Sienna. In this day in age people are looking for cars and vans that are good on gas and that you can still have some space in so I thought that sharing this information would be useful.

I first became enthralled with this van although I swore I would never drive one when this video went viral:


Many of the TWIN gals submitted questions and I thought it would be cool to share some of the most popular ones that are useful to our lifestyles.

About the Sienna

I hear all the time from wives who have children or family members with special needs so the below question and I thought was a helpful one:

Q. The Sienna Mobility Vans. I know that the one seat is link driven. Do they also have driver’s seat mobility modifications with hand controls?

A.Yes, hand controls are available for the Sienna. This modification can be performed by contacting a Toyota Dealership, who will contact A Bruno Living Aids Mobility Dealer on the Toyota owner’s behalf.

Before I was in this horrific accident I must admit that I was just concerned with having my nice little SUV now safety is probably the only factor I care about so this question about the Toyota Sienna’s top safety features was  not only a great question but a useful one.

Q. What are Sienna’s top safety features?

A. The core of Toyota’s safety system is our Star Safety System, which is standard on all current Toyota vehicles. The Star Safety System includes:
•Vehicle Stability Control
•Anti-Lock Brake System
•Brake Assist
•Traction Control
•Electronic Brake-Force Distribution
•Smart Stop Technology

We would also like to highlight Safety Connect which includes emergency assistance, stolen vehicle locator, roadside assistance, and automatic collision notification. Safety Connect is available by subscription, but is complimentary for one year.

As I mentioned GAS is a big factor in choosing a car in this economy , The Toyota guys gave a breakdown comparison of how much gas the Sienna uses verses other mini vans.

Q. How does the gas mileage compare to other minivans?

A. Regarding MPG, here are the figures:

2012 Sienna LE, 8 passenger, 3.5L V6 6A
Combined city/hwy MPG=21
EPA City MPG=18
EPA Highway MPG=25

2012 Chrysler Town & Country, Touring, 3.6L V6 6A
Combined city/hwy MPG=20
EPA City MPG=17
EPA Highway MPG=25

2012 Honda Odyssey, EX, 3.5L V6 5A
Combined city/hwy MPG=21
EPA City MPG=18
EPA Highway MPG=27

Last but not least if you have a mini van chances are you have kids and other stuff to tag along

We owned a Sienna back when we had 2 small kids and I LOVED it. Unfortunately, when we had 4 kids and strollers and dog crate and luggage for 6 people, the Sienna just was too small.

Q. Can you actually fit a double stroller and groceries in the back?

A. The 2012 Sienna has an ample amount of room. Here are some figures regarding cargo space.
•Behind the 1st-row seats (cu. ft.) 150.0
•Behind the 2nd-row seats (cu. ft.) 87.1
•Behind the 3rd-row seats (cu. ft.) 39.1

This means that — yes — a stroller and groceries can fit inside the Sienna. In addition, with the flexible seating arrangements, you can get very creative with what you can transport in a Sienna. I (Joe) recently moved apartments, and the Sienna performed like a champ! I folded down the rear seat, and slid the second row all the way forward.

Do you have questions about the Sienna or do you own one? If so what do you love about it?

Disclosure: I was selected for participation in the Toyota TWIN community through a program with Clever Girls Collective. I was not compensated for writing this post, nor did I receive payment in exchange for participating. All opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of Toyota.



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