If you have been part of any Military Facebook Support page you will notice the trend of bashing that goes on from some military wives.

Surprisingly I did this video Sunday long before my own cyber-bashing happened yesterday where over 300 morons attacked everything from my looks to if I work or not. I made a video for that which I am sure I will post soon but the bullying that goes on in the military spouse community bothers me even more so I thought I would share why it bothered me more last week.


Have you noticed more bashing happening in the military spouse community?



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28 Comments on When Military Wives Attack Online

  1. I see it ALL the time….And I think it’s horrible ): It’s happened to me many times…

  2. I came across this and I could not agree with you more. Woman have got to relieze they need to grow up. I myself am tired of the negativity bashing within the military community when will we see a positive change when will one wife to another see we are here to support one another? thank you for being our military wives voice.

  3. Twat wad i love it. I agree with everything you said. I see this all the time not just on the internet but in real life too. I dont understand why woman do this. They have to be bored or not have a life themselves. Its sad were all in this together as army wives. We should all be more supportive because no one understand what an army wife goes through like an army wife!

  4. Will put I so agree I am one for asking question… If my husband don’t know the answer I go to someone or look it up so I know what is going on…

  5. I totally agree. Thankfully I’ve got pretty thick skin, but it still stings when someone is rude about every little thing I do. Especially if that someone is a milspouse. People like that make all of us decent mispouses (and females) look like idiots and that’s what bothers me the most about them. More so than their cruel mouths.

  6. I agree with you 100%!! I am new to the military life, and I have seen soooo much negativity and bashing nonsense on the support pages in the last year or so.. Makes me sad, and it is so unnecessary!! Thanks for posting this video! :) Maybe some of these “negative nancys” will watch it and think twice before having such a bad attitude next time!

  7. Twat wad…ROFLMAO….I could not agree with you more. How is anyone going to find out the answer to a question they have if they don’t ask? The negativity is horrible. People should be ashamed of themselves for bashing someone who was just asking a question. If they don’t like what’s being asked, don’t read or respond to it. BTW…Love your blogs, page, and videos, etc. Keep it up :)!!!!

  8. This happened to me last year on a pg where spouses were active but there was no admin. I removed myself from that group and any other group where an admin was not active or support just was not there.

  9. nice to see a strong voice of reason. i’m fairly new to all this (husband joined just a few years ago) and i only started reading all these army wives pages within the past 2 -3 months…i CAN’T BELIEVE how nasty (and stupid/uninformed/judgeemental/obnoxious etc.) some people are. i think alot of these girls are VERY young and have some sort of high school craziness mentality going on…but it really is awful. i can hardly believe some of the things i read. anyway, good for you for speaking up. xo patrice

  10. There is definitely more bashing it seems to me. I think as great as the internet, facebook, blogs, etc are there’s a certain amount of false security that some people have to just be nasty and ugly and bully or degrade people. I think we have all been guilty of it, even if just in our heads…but there’s a time to grow up and pull on your big girl panties. Sadly, I think it will only get worse in some aspects, but as long as there’s sites like yours and a few others that are online to answer questions, encourage, and support I think that’s what will win out.

    Hurt people, hurt people. Insecure people, try to pull others down. I really feel sorry for those who feel the need to constantly attack and attempt to make others as miserable as they are, because they’re so very unhappy and I KNOW I need to be praying for them and trying to love them (even if just from afar), but I admit it is hard.

    This vlog was definitely timely after yesterday’s mess. Oh and I couldn’t agree more with you about us being our husbands helpmate. There have been countless amounts of times my husband has had incorrect information or simply didn’t know and I went and found out. It’s part of my job as his wife I think and I know that he’s thankful for it. My husband may bring in the paycheck, but I am the homemaker, wife, mom, teacher (homeschool), nurse, taxi service (and love it), etc. We are a team. He’s the head of our household but as my husband says “Pa’s boss everyone knows, but what Ma says, always goes” LOL!

  11. I <3 you!! I have been an Army Wife for almost 19 years gone all over the country been on both sides of fence enlisted and officer ( Husband now CW3 ) and I am still learning. Nothing upsets me more when wives break eachother apart. The reality is we are in it together we are in a club that most people don't understand and with out family. We need to create a family and give a hand up not a hand down!!!! I wish I would have seen what they wrote but I didn't ….but shame on them for being selfish and trying to use this amazing outlet you have for all walks to spew hate! You keep up your spirit its a breath of fresh air that someone is out there and still enjoys helping others, gives back and has fun doing it. Thank you!

  12. I don’t know if its safe for me to comment….lol…
    I don’t know what transpired yesterday but I have found myself on the shit end of being Hung from the highest tree. It’s sad because I know its only a matter of time before someone gets into an all out brawl face to face over something posted online. Many of them don’t realize that these mediocre conflicts sometimes carry over into their significant other’s work environment. I have found that many of those fishing the BS are indeed not fond of themselves, lacking whatever they are complaining about. Oftentimes their shitty outlooks are representative of their shitty home environment, which they may not have control over therefore just chooses to pick on someone online. Just my theory, I however find it amusing because I guarantee you when bonquesha get in that ass that loose mouth won’t say anything…..LOL

  13. Hi wives (and husbands),

    I don’t often comment on here, as I am a veteran and not an Army wife. I added this page when I was on active duty, because my (now ex) husband was a stay at home hubby who frequented this page to stay up to date.

    For you drama queens out there craptalking your fellow wifeys for asking questions, grow up! You are here to SUPPORT each other not tear each other down. I guarantee if you are being nasty to each other, your kids are being nasty to their fellow military “brats”. Remember every time you throw an insult, that you might need that other wife someday. God forbid, but there is every possibility that your husband may die in combat, and if he does, it will be that woman you shot talked who will be offering to help cook dinner, or watch your kids so you can grieve and take care of things. The military is a family, that includes spouses and children. Those women are your sisters, so treat them as such!

  14. Great video and post…Love it! I’ve lived this military life my whole entire 35 years on this earth( officer father and now soon to be officer hubby) and I have seen it all,but I will have to say it has gotten so much worse lately with the drama..As military wives we are supposed to be a sisterhood that supports and understands each other but I guess some of these chicks never outgrew their junior high mentality.Keep showing the positive side of Army Wives :)

  15. My husband and I both work and I still ask him where his money is going. He asks the same of me. The financial decisions we make effect each other. That’s just healthy communication between spouses. **scratches head**

  16. Girl if i could hug you I surely would!!!! 10000 claps for you. You would think that wives in similar situations (i.e being dragged around the world because they fell in love with a soldier) would ban together and help. Especially if they know the answer to the questions. But no people just have to bash smh.

  17. Yep, I’ve been seeing it a LOT on facebook! It’s ridiculous how childish grown women act. I’ve seen quite a bit of the posting of things clearly aimed at someone, but don’t put a name there and all that jazz…I just sit here and think obviously they want to continue drama or they’d just speak to the person like an adult or not post it at all. I’ve never met so many people that are phony and talk behind your back (or on facebook) in my life! Now so many women use their computer as a shield and say whatever they want not thinking about others feelings. I’m not saying don’t speak you’re mind, but to go over the top and be straight up rude is very uncalled for.
    About the money deal, I’ll be the one if it’s like my birthday or something I want and feel bad to get it (I love to shop, but I’m super cheap and feel guilty if I ever spend a lot lol) and say no I don’t work right now (I’m in school) and my husband’s usually the one saying “oh stop, you have to remember – we’re married it’s not MINE it’s OUR money just like our car”. He says that about the car cause he got the car about a month before we got together, so I was so used to saying “his car” (since in the beginning I had my own car til it quit on us). Ever since we got together though he’s always said it’s OUR car, a few times he was talking to someone and said “my car” then looked at me like I’m sorry, I mean our LOL. I’m always one that, when speaking about our stuff or something always say OURS, US, never MINE, I, etc.

  18. Also, I agree w/ you 10000000%!!! I feel the same way about the finances deal. I’m the one who gets all the bills paid and all that goes along with it. I’ve heard some wives say “why do you have all HIS passwords, do you NOT trust him?!” I can’t help but laugh, because if I didn’t have passwords to accounts we’d be a big mess. He has enough on his plate, to have to deal with remembering passwords doesn’t work so well lol and if I’m the one dealing with the bills why would I NOT have passwords? Some “miss know it alls” really make me shake my head lol.

  19. I wont post on these sites usually, but what you said is true. My husband is in the army National Guard, he will be gone all of June then Gets deployment orders in January for up to a year and a half. I get bashed by civilians because we don’t live on base and he’s not full time, I don’t need to get bashed by Army Wives. Our men are gone a lot too and they do deploy and have died in deployment. Just because we don’t live on base or get any financial help military wise (tri-care, ect.) doesn’t make him any less of a soldier.

  20. I would just like to say from a new Army wife(2 months), I have learned more from your page than I have found on any “OFFICIAL” website. I have also seen some that all they did was bash anyone who asks any questions. You are doing an amazing job. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!

  21. You are absolutely right on! I’m old ex-military wife and WAC! Been there and back! Like anything else in this life, if you have a broad cross section of humanity meeting in the middle, as many young women do that marry young men in the military, coming from different parts of this great United States and different backgrounds, you’ll have some that know what’s going on and are very open minded and sophisticated in their thinking and basically, very much responsible and mature! Then, you have the youngsters that haven’t quite gotten there yet and are learning as they go! Hopefully, they won’t burn too many bridges along the way so that they will still have good folks around to steer them in the right direction. But, as one blogger already mentioned, in this era of anonymous electronic communication, there will be those that are going to try to ruin it for the rest, by spewing their ignorance and misinformation! Be strong ladies! You too will overcome! You’re husbands are fighting the “good fight” and will also prevail! You are what they come home to and depend on! For every ten that bash and complain, there are 100’s more, that are quiet and strong!

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