I love blogging and sharing the latest news and random thoughts with you. However, I know that I don’t completely reflect all military spouses out there so I wanted to open up the doors to two spouses at the moment to bring some new flavor to the Army Wife 101 team.

The picture below describes in a nutshell what I need ,but I am really looking for two military spouse who really are on top of the latest happenings in mil spouse world. I love fun creative content about this crazy life of ours and I hope that if you choose to apply you can bring that.

Submissions will be accepted until October 1, 2013 for this first go round of new hires.


Good Luck!



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4 Comments on Not So Wordless Wednesday: Army Wife 101 is Hiring

  1. Is there a certain word range you would prefer the submission to fall under? For example, should it be 300-600 words, or does it matter in this case?

      • Gotcha. Thanks! I was actually asking regarding the “interview” submission. Would you like the writing example to also fall into the 300-600 word range?

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