Everyday many of us enter and exit our homes guarded gates without ever thinking about the fact that we live on a military installation. Pause! You live on property that is owned by the US government and is guarded by military personnel. Because you live there you probably never really think about the fact that you have to go through a gate manned by several soldiers, pull out ID, and at any given time you can be searched while just trying to get home.

4 Things Military Spouse's Think When They Go Through The Base's Gate

While I no longer live on a military base I have several things that I am afraid will always happen when I go through those gates.

My ID Is Expired

This has happened to many military spouses. It’s not done on purpose, but sometimes people forget and go off base only to come back home and realize *gasp* my ID expired. Thoughts of being pulled from our car and ushered to a secret room flash through our minds.

The Search

Another fear is the thought of being searched. It’s not the fear of being searched because you have anything to hide. It’s the fear of being searched when you are running late picking your kid up from school, or when you are trying to get home because you have to pee really bad. A key phrase that is said when going through the gates is “Please don’t pick me today”.

Forgot My ID

Do I really need to explain? I think many of us have experienced forgetting our ID because we decided to leave it on the counter at home, or in the pocket of another purse. The sheer horror that hits you when you get to the gate and realize you left it at home is not a good feeling.

Get Locked Out From Base

Another fear for many military spouses is the thought of their being a lockdown on post while your off post running errands. My worst fear was this happening while my kids were in school and hubby was deployed. How would I get back on, and when I would get back on are frequent thoughts in many of our heads.

What things do you think about or fear will happen when you go through the gates of a military base?



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  1. Ha! I’m always worried I will get stopped when I need to pee, too! It is also great motivation to keep my car clean. I always feel like I am being judged if my kids have made a mess of the back seat. When I get dressed, I also think, “If I get searched, will I be comfortable standing outside my car in this?” Not saying I dress up every time I leave, but I never want to be caught in the clothes I wear when I deep clean my house.

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