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We’ve been waiting and now it is here . The semi somewhat middle of the season premiere of “Army Wives” is this Sunday and I am totally excited.

No need for me to go into a whole recap of the last episode before the hiatus because I already have and you can view it below:

Click here to see what happened…

But here’s a quick summary:

  • Roxy is pregnant with twins
  • Denise had the surgery to donate her kidney to CJ
  • General Holden gained his 3rd Star and General Clarke didn’t.
  • Audrey (Susan Lucci) pretty much admits she concocted some stories to get General Holden his star so that he could hire her husband for a position and now she is not going away
  • Victor is tripping out on Gloria because she works at the Hump and he doesn’t like it.
  • Jackie has admitted what is really going on in her life
  • David’s real dad steps back into the picture
  • Claudia flatlines on the operating table during surgery

What I will say is while I am excited to see where all the story lines are going I am even more interested in what is going to happen with Claudia Joy. The last episode ended with her flat lining on the table during the surgery in which she was in the midst of receiving a new kidney from BFF Denise.

So What’s Going to Happen This Sunday?

I have viewed this Sunday’s trailer and let’s just say I have chills. In the short clip we see everything from Roland physically fighting someone, to Denise with a gun in her hand! What we are in store for… I am not sure!

Here’s the synopsis courtesy of Lifetime:

David starts communicating with Marcus behind Roland and Joan’s back. Trevor worries about Roxy taking on too much while being pregnant with twins. Hector and Gloria continue to fight about Gloria working at the Hump Bar leading Hector to make a bad decision. A relaxing beach vacation turns terrifying for two Army Wives.

Where Is the Show Going With It’s Story line?

Honestly I can’t answer that but what I see is a change in the characters and the addition of some new ones. As much as I love the original cast adding in a new batch would not be bad at all. I think it would even out the story line and make room for more scenarios and situations to happen.

Check out this preview of Sunday’s episode:

 What do you think will happen Sunday…Will CJ survive?

Tune in Sunday June 24, 2012 10/9c.



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14 Comments on Will Claudia Joy Live…Roxy’s Having Twins…Plus The Trailer for Sunday Has Me Amped!

  1. I really don’t think they will take Kim Delaney off the show. Although I have heard this is the last season. She did have some alcohol problems in real life.

  2. She has to live, they already got rid of pamela, they can’t get rid of CJ! Unless this is the last season ever, which would stink! :(

  3. I think that Claudia Joy will survive. She is a character that has had a lot of story line this season, and I don’t see them killing her off.

  4. Claudia Joy can’t die! The show definetely wouldn’t be the same and I’d be forced to love it a little less..I think she’ll pull through but I can’t wait to see what actually happens, and as for Roxy being preggo with twins.. Oh boy!

  5. I don’t think CJ is going anywhere. CJ will pull through. It looks like CJ (maybe… I’m hopeful, haha!) and Denise go to the beach and an intruder breaks in and Denise stops him! Roland probably finds out about Marcus talking to David behind his back and gets into an argument with him, which is who he is fighting with. I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen!!

  6. There’s no way they’ll like off cj. Coma maybe? Roxy looks like she might miscarry and that would b horrible. I know they’ll struggle with twins but they’re the strongest couple on the show they’d make it work. I think Hector walks out on Gloria – which would suck. He really needs to get his act together. :-\

  7. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen since I am behind a few episodes, I really need to hurry an catch up already! Lol

  8. I think CJ survives, Lifetime doesn’t normally make it obvious in the previews what will happen. They like to make you think one thing, then its a twist and its something completely different. But, we’ll see. I had heard this was the last season as well?

  9. I love! My best friend made me watch it a couple seasons in and I was so mad for not watching it from the start. Lol I hope CJ makes it and I think Hector is going to regret something. I can’t wait til Sunday!

  10. I think Roxie will lose a twin, CJ will die but they will bring her back. I think Victor and Gloria will go through a rough patch and I think David will lose interest in his bio father and live happily with the Burtons.

  11. CJ can’t/ won’t go anywhere- the Holden’s have been through too much and as far as David and his real father… Roland and Joan aren’t going to stand having that kind of man in their sons life. I think they are going to do anything and everything possible to get rid of him.

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