Every person I know makes a commitment in January that this will be the year, the year they get “fit.” Except most people aren’t also taking on the role of two parents or handling deployments far from family or dealing with insane long-distance moves around the world.

Yeah, getting and staying fit as a military spouse who does all the things is hard.

8 MilSpouse Fitness Experts You Need to Know Now

Luckily, there are incredible fitness gurus alive and well in our military community who get this life. And they’re offering practical exercise and wellness advice for the modern military spouse!

Chrissa Benson – Physical Kitchness

Chrissa is a USMC spouse with two little ones at home – oh, and she runs a powerhouse wellness and fitness business, too. Physical Kitchness is her answer for busy women who are looking to simplify their exercise routines and eat super clean.

Chrissa shares paleo-friendly recipes on her website, along with easy hacks and tips to make meal prep easy.

Bonus: she’s also a certified HITT and Barre instructor who creates dynamic workouts. Since she’s got kids underfoot, you can take her routines to the playground, on a run or into your living room with simple equipment requirements.

Katie Haney – Belle Fitness & Nutrition

Army spouse and busy mom Katie Haney loves to help other parents find reasonable fitness and nutrition routines! She’s all about holistic wellness, fitness and eating – things that make you happy and balance your life. At Belle Fitness & Nutrition, Katie showcases realistic fitness and eating ideas, not Instagram models who spend 100% of their lives in the gym.

Katie believes that pursuing your fitness goals should never add extra stress or burden to your life. Instead, she’s sharing her real-life tips to make your goals fit into your lifestyle.

Katie is a NASM certified personal trainer with additional credentials in Women’s Fitness, Youth Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Group Fitness Training, and Weight Loss.

Devin Pena – Arrow Nutrition & Training

Devin, a USMC spouse, moved from disordered eating in her early 20s to struggling after a challenging child birth. In a quest to heal herself, she fell in love with nutrition and fitness as a method for wellness.

Arrow Fitness & Nutrition grew out of her love for holistic wellness, a way to share her passion with clients needing support. Devin is certified as a personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist and is currently pursuing degrees in nutrition to serve her community at the highest level possible!

Online, Devin shares no-nonsense fitness and nutrition advice via Instagram and Facebook. She posts motivational quotes, informational articles about trends and videos that showcase her own growth. Devin is unfailingly honest about the real journey, the ups and downs of getting fit and why everyone’s goals look different.

Ashley Gammon – BeYoutiful Within

After recovering from a traumatic birth, Army spouse Ashley was left with pelvic floor weakness and residual “baby belly.” She was inspired to help other moms get in shape with a personal training practice that focuses on postpartum wellness and recovery.

She’s an ACE certified personal trainer, a certified MUTUPro with the MUTU system and postnatal fitness expert with JMG Fitness Academy. BeYoutiful Within, Ashley’s personal brand, shares inspirational and motivational information that will help busy moms find the courage to embrace their post-birth fitness journey.

Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney – Fleur De Lis Fitness

Veteran spouse Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney is a lifelong athlete, practicing as a classically trained dancer from childhood. In addition to her enviable arms, Claire is extremely down-to-earth with quick, easy fitness routines that actually fit into your busy life!

Fleur de Lis‘s social media channels and website reflect upbeat, positive fitness vibes. Claire often showcases her relaxing yoga practice and healthy work/life/wellness balance.

In addition, her community is always on-point at the gym. Claire loves to show “Do and Don’t” videos that show correct form for common lifting and body weight exercises, like squats and pushups. Currently, Claire creates content exclusively for InDependent’s Wellness Summit and Wellness Lounge as their resident Fitness Guru!

Cassie Lambert – Cassie Lynn Lambert

Cassie is an Army veteran and Army spouse who credits her military service for her current passion as a fitness professional and personal trainer. She’s built her business around breaking up fad diets and fitness frustrations, teaching women how to lift and get strong!

After joining the Army, Cassie discovered a passion for lifting and strength over dieting and hitting an ideal “skinny” weight. She swapped endless time on the treadmill for heavier weights and has never looked back!

Cassie is all about balance, feeding and strengthening her clients’ with a focus on weekly weight training and whole food nutrition. She recognizes the importance of fun and flexibility on the wellness journey, encouraging her clients and community to indulge a little, too.

Meghan Meredith – HomeBodySoul

Air Force spouse Meghan Meredith has channeled her passion for holistic wellness into a business helping women design a life that promotes whole body wellness. Meghan is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and certified holistic health and living coach!

HomeBodySoul shares Meghan’s vision and expertise with the wider world. As part of her work, she has created a self-guided fitness planner filled with workouts and tracking tools that women can fit into daily life.

Meghan shares her reality on social media, featuring lots of honesty about her daily life and challenges as a woman, military spouse and fitness professional!

Kella Price – Healthy Fit Yuma

From running to lifting to Barre, Kella Price does – and coaches – it all! Her passion for creating healthy lifestyle changes that stick around forever has driven this USMC spouse to build a fitness business and non-profit.

The reigning Mrs. Arizona recently opened her own gym and fitness center in Yuma to serve clients in-person. You’ll find Kella teaching Barre classes and training runners as a Master Trainer for Revolution Running at Healthy Fit Yuma.

Kella’ non-profit – Healthy Fit Foundation – aims to support underserved communities in the Yuma area with fitness and wellness programs. Across social media, Kella shares her fitness journey and her passion for supporting her community on the journey to wellness!

We’d love to check out your military spouse fitness inspos! Share your faves with us!



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