Lauren Gardner

About the Author: Lauren Gardner is a military spouse and stay at home mom of four amazing children. When she is not playing Uber driver to soccer practice, football, or school functions she is volunteering with her local PTA and organizing activities for local military spouses in her area. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, working out and playing with her fur-babies. She is also a notorious StarBucks addict and has a secret addiction to leggings, fuzzy slippers and Hallmark movies.

The Question Every MilSpouse Hates

Every year, without fail, I have to answer the question that i’m sure every military spouse around the world is asked. “How do you do it?” And of course, they aren’t asking “How do you make that awesome casserole?” or “How do you get wine stains out of the carpet?” No, unfortunately what they are […] Read more…

Summer Fun For Busy Military Kids Hands

It’s June and officially summer time!¬†That means vacations, pool days, summer camps and for the military family- PCS’ing! Yes, it’s that time of year again when many of us will be packing up the house (or carefully watching the military provided movers do it ), researching the next duty stations and wondering how the heck […] Read more…

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