Sometimes it’s more convenient to have one car financially as a military family. For instance, when moving overseas the military only pays for one car and sometimes it can cost thousands to ship a second vehicle. Other military families don’t want the hassle of multiple car payments.

Either way, while there are some valid reasons, having only one car or no license can certainly have its challenges. It may be hard to get groceries, pick up food or just get things done. And even if you are a driver, flu’s and colds happen that sometimes keep us weak or bedridden. There’s nothing worse than having a deployed or TDY’ed spouse and having to drag yourself out the house to the grocery store when you’re sick.

While every base has rules, we wanted to put together a list of services that may help in those moments where you need food delivered, have to get somewhere, or don’t want to go to the commissary.

*These services might not be available everywhere*

Destination Services

While Uber and Lyft may seem popular to you, many people are afraid to use them or don’t know how. We recently wrote a post here about how both services work along with a free code for your first ride on Uber for up to $5.  Ridesharing services tend to be much cheaper than cabs.

Food Delivery

I personally love food delivery services and mainly use them when I am away on business or traveling. These tend to come in handy during PCS moves where you may be stuck in lodging and could use a meal that’s not necessarily fast food. The great thing about food delivery services is that they deliver from restaurants that don’t normally deliver.

Grubhub– One of my favorites and available in more areas than the others

Door Dash– Currently offering $1 delivery fees on orders of $10 as of this publication date

Uber Eats – Had a good experience with them

SpeedWaiter– Local food delivery service for the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area

Grocery Services

Instacart-Shop for groceries online and have your order delivered to your door within an hour or two. Fees under $8 for delivery.

Walmart Grocery- While Walmart now delivers in some areas, they also do offer grocery pickup. So even if you have to use a rideshare service to get there— you can dictate the time at which you need your order. The service is free, and I’ll be honest I haven’t stepped foot into a grocery store since it was created. I find it easier to shop online because I am not distracted by cool looking things. I get what I need and spend less. There’s usually a Walmart near most military bases too. Oh and here’s $10 off your grocery order of $50 or more if you are first-time Walmart online grocery shopper.

Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery– In many areas you can shop Amazon’s online supermarket and receive fresh foods and groceries to your door same day (if the order is placed in the morning) or next day. Amazon Fresh charges a $14.99 a month delivery fee for Amazon Prime Members which is still cheaper than the gas you would spend to run back and forth to the store. Try a 30 day free trial here.

Produce Box– If you’re in Fort Bragg/Fayetteville or the surrounding areas you can get fresh produce from local farms delivered straight to your door with the Produce Box. Different boxes and pricing for all budgets is available.

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