I can sometimes be a little hard on people. I know this about myself so that’s why I want another opinion. I already put my two cents in, but later wondered if I was right.

My husband and I have a single friend who recently went out on a date. When he came back to report all the exciting details of this date, I found myself annoyed by a comment his female friend made. Upon paying for the movie, he asked the cashier if they accept military discounts.  His “date” then said ” uh oh, somebody is cheap”.  She then expressed her irritation further by saying how she couldn’t believe he asked for a discount on a date.

Now, I’m not saying you should bring your fancy organized coupon binder on a date, but surely a military guy should be able to ask if the place he is supporting actually supports him too. I personally thought it showed lack of class on the female side.  When our friend came to us wondering if he should continue to see her (despite her rude comments, he liked her). I didn’t hesitate to say that I didn’t think she was his type. I told him he should spend his time with someone who doesn’t want him to bring a representative on a date, and feels comfortable with being with a young soldier in a military city.

Then I started thinking, which can sometimes make the situation worse ,maybe I really don’t know the do’s and don’ts of the dating world. I have been married to my husband for over 10yrs now and we have 3 children. When we have a date night, I think it’s rude when my husband DOESN’T ask for a military discount.

It’s always nice to imagine going out on a date with a gorgeous guy who wines and dines you, and makes you feel like a princess. But are these sweet feelings really shattered once a discount is given or even requested out of curiosity?  No one wants to date a cheapskate who makes you order from the kids menu to save money. This is of course an immediate red flag, and cancellation of any further dates to come. I just don’t see a hard working soldier asking if a place of business accepts a military discount as being a cheapskate.

Am I right? Or am I out of touch?



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7 Comments on Does a Military Discount Really Mean Cheap?

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  2. You said it nicely, I would have had more harsh words for her lol. Even before becoming a military wife I have saved & bargained. Utilizing their military discount is a perk our men and women have earned & deserved! I find her comment rude, even jokingly I don’t think it’s appropriate for a date. I would have said she was bad news too lol. People don’t get nice things by spending erratically, unless its debt. Call me a cheapo, but I would prefer to save over time and pay for things in cash than have to finance everything for never utilize f a discount or sale.

  3. It’s ok, especially if he paid for them both! It’s not cheap! It’s frugal. Cheap is picking up a used popcorn box and super large soda cup from the trash bin, going to get refills! That’s cheap!

  4. I totally agree! I would have been more upset with him for not asking for the discount. I love a great deal! I finally have my husband convinced that it is okay to shop the clearance rack.

  5. The date was out of touch.. Before i was a military wife, I was always using discounts etc.. Why pay more if you don’t have to?? She should have like him more b/c he was already thinking about saving money… A good quality in a man…Anyway.. I hope he didn’t continue to see her for dating seriously.. maybe a good time. But I’m a discount girl 24/7.

  6. I think the woman was dense on two levels: 1. why not ask for a discount? Like you said, it’s not like they were at a 5 star restaurant and he whipped out coupons. 2. and even more important, it may have been his way of trying to strike up a conversation, to get to talk about the fact that he was in the military, a way of him showing his pride that he’s in the military. Her response was to call him cheap? It’s hard to put yourself out there on a date and it’s hard to put yourself out there to ask for a discount. The woman was obtuse in not recognizing an opportunity to get to know more about him.

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