Where did you meet your true love? I met mine at a mutual friend’s beach house. We had so many friends in common, and had for years, yet we had never met before. Not only did we have mutual friends, but we also attended several parties together and never crossed paths. What are the odds of that?

The night I was driving down the shore, not knowing I was about to meet my future husband, my friends and I were discussing who was going to be there. All the usual names were thrown out there except for one, “The Janitor.” “Who the heck is ‘The Janitor’?” I asked. (I thought this guy was a custodian somewhere.) Turns out, “The Janitor,” my now husband, is a stellar bowler and could, and still does, “clean up” at the bowling ally.

Long story short, I knew he was the one for me when I first laid eyes on him. He was outside wearing a red polo, leaning on a balcony railing. I was a mess; hair up, glasses on, and just coming off the road during a major rain storm thinking we were going to die, because that’s what my best friend, Ashley, was screaming.

The next day, I went upstairs fresh, showered, and not looking like a hot mess: my hair was down, my contacts were in, and I had on a cute beach outfit. As I was sitting on the couch close by, my future husband asked his friends who I was. His friends then said, “That’s Rosie, you met her last night.” Apparently, I looked like a totally different person; my husband fell in love with me the first time he saw me AND the second time he saw me, I’m a lucky gal.

When my husband went away to BCT, I became fascinated with The Bachelor. The reason I liked the show so much was because I knew I was one week closer to seeing him after each week’s episode. Unfortunately, I am still kind of addicted to the show and all of the drama that goes along with it. This season is no different, and not only do they have their typical crazy girls but there is also a lifelong Army brat, Lindsay Yenter, fighting for the Bachelor’s heart, Sean Lowe.

Lindsay showed up on day one in a wedding dress, walked up to Sean and said, “You may kiss the bride.” As this was happening, Sean looked terrified and then gave her his cheek to kiss. Even though Lindsay wore a wedding dress to meet Sean and got a little tipsy at the first cocktail party, Sean still saw something special in her.

This past week, Lindsay took Sean home to meet her parents at Fort Leonard Wood. Lindsay’s father is Two-star General Yenter.  It was interesting to see the small town surrounding the post, which is primarily used for BCT. Lindsay’s father seemed like a down to earth guy and even though he may have had his doubts about finding true love on TV, he gave Sean his blessing to marry his daughter, if he decides to chose her over the other three girls.

Do you think it’s possible to find true love on TV? I don’t really think it is, especially since, as of right now on the show, Sean thinks he loves all of these girls. I am rooting for Lindsay because she does seem genuinely happy to be with Sean. And of course, her affiliation with the Army makes her even more interesting to me.

Did anyone stationed at Fort Leonard Wood see the ABC Cameras?



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7 Comments on Is It Possible to Find True Love On The Bachelor? Did Anyone See The ABC Cameras At Fort Leonard Wood?

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  2. I dont’ watch the bachelor but I honestly think it’s possible to find true love just about anywhere. My husband and I meet on a field trip our freshemen year of high school when both of our parents were stationed in Germany (in two different towns hours from each other). We stayed in touch for ten years and just celebrated out two wedding anniversary in January. :)

  3. I personally don’t think the Bachelor/Bachelorette are great opportunities to find love. I used to watch the show as well, but after Trisha and Ryan, none of the couples have stayed together. They go through this show and “fall in love” with multiple people, choose one to marry. And then 3 weeks after the show goes off of the air you see tabloids saying “we broke up” “engagement off” “he’s not my true love”. All so that the woman can have their own show the next season and go through the whole process again to not find true love.

    • I don’t know how finding true love on a show such as The Bachelor/ Bachelorette is possible being thrown around a ton of people who all claim to be in love with you. Seems a bit overwhelming. Anywho… Yes they were at Ft. Leonardwood during my husbands bct. He got about a 5 second scene on that episode.

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