Last week as I was discussing how I kept my sanity during deployments, I mentioned that I would go to the movies at least every other week. I loved being able to slip away from reality a bit and indulge my emotions into the theater screen.

Halle Berry in Screen Gems thriller THE CALL.
Halle Berry in The Call
A  new  trailer  for  director  Brad  Anderson’s  (The  Machinist)  upcoming  thriller  The  Call  has  been   released  online.    The  film  stars  Halle  Berry  as  a  911  operator  who,  after  taking  a  life-­‐changing  call   from  a  teenager  (Abigail  Breslin)  that’s  been  kidnapped,  realizes  that  she  must  confront  a  killer   from  her  past  in  order  to  save  the  girl’s  life.  Anderson  looks  to  have  crafted  another  mind-­‐bending
and  possibly  frightening  thriller.  The  film  also  stars  Morris  Chestnut,  Michael  Eklund,   and  Michael  Imperioli.    The  Call  opens  on  March  15th.

The minute I saw the trailer for this movie I wanted to see it. From my earlier zombie post you already know I have way to much time to think. Time and time again I have thought about what I would do if I were stuffed into a trunk or my teen daughter was. Would I have my cell phone to even make a call, would I have the strength to kick the back lights out. Matter of fact ,would I even be in a car capable of having the tail light kicked out?

I am also looking forward to seeing Morris Chestnut and actor Michael Imperioli. As some of you may know I am obsessed with 90’s movies and those two actors were in many of my favorite movies during that time period.


The aspects of the movie that really draws me in what Halle Berry’s connection is to this killer and why is she willing to go to such extreme lengths to help a random woman who called 911? I am loving the thriller side of this and can’t wait to see how all the action that leads up to what potentially will be a climatic ending. I certainly will be adding this to one of my solo daytime matinee movies trips when it comes out on March 15th.

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