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I recently had a chance to try out the Kodak Easy Share Touch Screen and I loved it! Watch as I review it in the video below and don’t forget to enter to have a chance at winning your own Kodak EasyShare Touchscreen.


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Disclosure: I was given a Kodak Easy Share Touchscreen Camera to facilitate this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced.



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  1. My favorite photo taken was the day my husband deployed. I took a picture of my husband and son sitting side by side while my husband read a story to him. Priceless moment.

  2. my favorite picture would be of my husband holding our 4 boys when he came home from iraq and the way our boys looked at him made it priceless

  3. My favorite picture I’ve ever taken was my husband and son cradling my newborn daughter, mere days before we would hit the road to start our PCS to Germany. Such an upheaval in our lives at that point, selling our house, truck and all of our furniture already packed and gone at that point…but taking the moment and enjoying the wee little girlie that joined us on this adventure.

    Like Kodak on FB. :) Already was a “like” Armywife 101 on FB.

  4. 1. I liked Kodak & ArmyWife 101

    2. My fav pic i took was of me and my husband at a military ball in highschool i still have that picture today as my background.

  5. My favorite picture I took was of my boys climbing a tree in Trier, Germany when mmy parents were visiting us and we were out seeing the sights. It was a moment of carefree, getting the energy out, tired of seeing all the “boring” stuff for 8 yr olds…just give me a tree!

  6. Mt fav picture I have taken would be of my oldest son on the floor as a baby and him and our dog r touching noses. The cutest thing ever:)

  7. My favorite picture is of my husband playing football with our children when he came home on R&R.

  8. My favorite picture is of my son in his acu’s that I took while my hubby was in Korea. His eyes are so blue and he has the biggest smile

  9. My favorite pictures are of my kids. I loved them so much, and we love going through them added remembering our wonderful adventures.

  10. My favorite picture is a picture of my husband, the 3 kids and myself all grouped together hugging in a huddle formation. He was just returning from Iraq and the moment our eyes caught his we all just had one big family hug. It was one of the best days in the world! We were so happy to have him home safe.

  11. My favorite photo I have taken has been of all three of my boys!! I have a 18, 7 and 5 yr old. It’s not often I get all of them smiling at the same time! In this one they didn’t know I was watching them play together(those are always the best), I got all 3 smiling, the oldest was laughing!! I had to have that pic blown up and framed it was so great!!

  12. The best picture I’ve ever taken is one of my husband and I the morning he came home from his deployment in Iraq.

  13. My fav picture was the picture me and my husband and our daughter too when he came home. Its so precious to me I have several copies all over my house. We were so happy to finally all be to together again.

  14. my favorite picture i have taken is of me and my husband kissing on first born on each side of his face when he was a month old..that picture still bring so much emotions when i look at it.. its the picture of our family beginning to grow.:)

  15. My favorite picture would have to be a photo of the day I became a mother (right after labor).. messy hair, screwed up makeup, and bumps all over my forehead(labor bumps ) .. I cherish the picture just because no matter how horrible I look.. It is the day that my life became complete :)

    * I like you on FB and I like Kodak :)

  16. My favorite picture that I’ve taken was of my Husband and my daughter on her first birthday. He got his R&R for her birthday and when he came home his head was shaved. She loved to rub it. So the picture is when she smashed her cake…all over her daddys head!

  17. My favorite photo is of my son when he was 4 standin on a beautiful beach in Hawaii. He has oversized goggles, snorkel and flippers on with the amazing green water behind him. We call it the “Scuba Steve” picture!

  18. my favorite photo was of my son in disney getting to meet all his favorite characters. when we left he kept asking mommy when are we going back!!!

  19. I love all my pictures. My favorite one was when my husband held his daughter for the first time!

  20. Would love this for my husband who is currently deployed. That way our 6 month old baby can see his daddy!! Thanks for the free offer. :D

  21. My favorite picture is one I took while my husband’s kids were with us for the summer. His youngest son is autistic and rarely makes eye contact. I totally lucked out and snapped a picture one day of him looking up at my husbnd with the sweetest smile on his face. I love it!!

  22. My favorite photo is of my niece when she was about three years old… she was going out of the door on Easter Sunday, all dressed up. The photo is in black and white, and with her little sweater and sweet haircut, it looks like an old fashioned photo. I love it.

  23. My favorite photo ever taken was when my SO met our son at two weeks old while he was home on R&R. Priceless moment!!

  24. My favorite photo I have is when I took my husband to the zoo for his first time! He told me his parents had never taken him to the zoo (I was completely shocked), so on a boring Sunday, I decided to take him. I still find it hilarious; at 20 years old, he’d never been to a zoo.

  25. My favorite photo is my husband holding our son for the first time.

    Liked you and Kodak on FB

  26. I had liked Army Wife 101 a long time ago, and just liked Kodak on FB :) Would love a new camera; mine’s about to bite the dust lol

  27. My favorite photo is when my two little ones saw their dad for the first time after he returned home from his first deployment.

  28. I liked Kodak on FB! I liked Army Wife 101 a long time ago! Hoping I win I sure could use a new camera!!

  29. My favorite picture i took was of my two girls when they were 2 & 4 years old eating ice cream in the garden in these 2 little tiny chairs on a beautiful sunny summer day! :) They r now 14 & 16 it makes me cry every time i look at it!

  30. My favorite picture ever is one I took of my husband and daughter right before he deployed, such emotion in the picture.

  31. Favorite photos would be of when my husband came home from deployment a little over a mth ago :)

  32. My favorite photo that I have ever taken is when my husband returned home from his last deployment and my son ran into his arms and my husband picked him up! My son was 10 at the time and it just reminded me how much he needs his Daddy even though he’s getting older!:)

  33. My favorite photo that I’ve taken is one of my husband and son sitting on the beach. I took the picture sitting behind them from afar. My son has his arm wrapped around daddys neck and they are just enjoying the view of the ocean.

  34. My favorite photo is a photo I took at the airport. My daughter running to her daddy who was coming home for R&R. I caught the exact moment she left the ground and was hanging in mid air for my husband to catch her in his arms. Priceless.

  35. I don’t have a digital camera so my favorite picture I’ve ever taken was in Charleston, SC of the Cooper River Bridge. It’s one of the most beautiful bridges in my opinion.

  36. My favorite picture is of my baby sisters, my mom and me all smashed up in her reclined.

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