My son loves his computer time playing games online and with kids spending so much time doing more techy things I love that he still does enjoy one aspect of good old fashion toys and that is building things.

You can imagine his excitement when we received the Kreo Transformers Destruction Site Devastator set by Hasbro as an early Christmas present to try out. This was actually on his Christmas list which consisted of mainly electronic items so I was stoked to let him play with it.

KREO Transformers Image 2

The set comes with over 600 pieces (yayyy that means hours of playtime and quiet time for mommy) and not only turns into a big robot but can also transform into vehicles or several robots. I think this makes for a great gift because it’s almost like giving several gifts in one.

The Destruction Devastator is best for 8 years olds and above. It may be a little advanced and have to many pieces for children younger then that.


In addition he received 2 separate sets which let him build one of his favorite characters Optimus Prime. The other character you can build is the infamous Megatron.

The Cycle Chase and the Decepticon Ambush are great for the smaller kids, plus less pieces.

Here are some other cool tips for gift buyers:

• Hasbro’s  KRE-­‐O  TRANSFORMERS  sets  let  kids  build  TRANSFORMERS   characters  in  either  their  robot  or  vehicle  modes  –  using  the  same  bricks!   • Each  set  also  comes  with  fun  KREON  figures,  featuring  your  favorite   Autobots  and  Decepticons!   • KRE-­‐O  TRANSFORMERS  sets  make  a  great  present  and/or  stocking  stuffer   for  the  upcoming  Holiday  season   • KRE-­‐O  is  a  fun  activity  for  kids,  and  provides  them  with  something  exciting  to   play  with  once  the  presents  are  unwrapped  .

For those looking for stocking stuffers there is also a KREON  Micro-­‐Changers  Mystery  Bags available for $2.99 which can turn into an insect or jet. These are great to give in addition to the sets!

You can learn more about the Kreo sets here or on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer:  I  am  part  of  the  Mom  It  Forward  blogger  network.  Mom  It  Forward  and   Hasbro  partnered  in  support  of  this  campaign.  Hasbro  compensated  me  for   participation  in  this  campaign.  However,  all  thoughts  and  opinions  are  my  own.    



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  1. My boys enjoy the Halo Mega Block sets so I’ll bet they’ll enjoy the Transformers one too. I don’t think I’ve heard of Kreo, can I get them anywhere? I don’t get to the store much. :)

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