Face it, sometimes you just don’t want to leave the house. Other times, you just can’t. I think this Pinterest photo sums it up..

I don’t have babies anymore, but I do order baby wipes and send diapers to my niece & nephew. I am the type that likes bulk. If it comes in multipul packs that will have me filled till next month, I am a happy camper. I tried Diapers.com and although they ship fast, the prices were not as good as I had hoped unless you order a certain amount and use a coupon code. I shouldn’t have to order $50 in diapers to pay $30 and only get $15 worth in the first place. Then I looked at Amazon, who has a couple newer programs, one called Amazon Mom (on a wait list) and Subscribe & Save (best thing since heated water). The shipping is not as fast, but the price and quantity is great. Order when you are running low, but not out yet.  Here are the deals that I usually order:


  • For the Eco friendly mom (my niece has super sensitive skin so these are great, little more expensive than other brands but worth it)- Seventh Generation Diapers

Seventh Generation has Free & Clear Diapers in packs of 4. You can pick your size, and its shipped in a case of 4 of those! So if you need size 3, you get a total of 140 diapers. Prices vary by size, but click the “Subscribe & Save” option to get the best deal (extra 5% off). You can choose how often you want them shipped to your home, or cancel after the 1st shipment if you are not happy with it. This option is always free! Plus, Subscribe & Save members get shipping free too!

These will run you half the cost of Seventh Generation but have the power to hold an army of poop & pee I swear! Happy Days & Nights Diapers are soft and the combo deal is too hard to pass up. Right now you can get size 3-6 (60-96 diapers) in the combo box for the same price of $18.99 shipped.


Baby Wipes:

350 total wipes in resealable packages. Price is $11.30 shipped (Subscribe & Save)


6 Packs of 56 wipes, 336 total wipes for only $9.76 shipped (Subscribe & Save)


Remember you can cancel the subscribe & save at any time. When you purchase your item, the 1st shipment will come within the 1st week of your order, the rest will come as you select (1 month, 2 month later). And its always free to use! Frustration Free packaging straight to your door.

Hope this helps some of you find great deals on Amazon! (PS- Some items DO ship APO/FPO!)



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  1. i am an amazon mom and they do have great deals. The Subscribe & Save seems like it may be a little better savings on certain items. I tend to get my Huggies diapers from Costco [for those that have one near them or know of them] when they have the coupons.. That by far has been the best deal..

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